An old woman portrait from the White Karen hill tribe near Chiang Mai in Thailand. A photo of the wat chang taem temple in Chiang Mai Thailand under a beautiful sunny day. A buddhist burning incense on a candle as an offering to Buddha in Chiang Mai Thailand
A crying deva statue on a Thai temple wall in Chiang Mai thailand A lady stuck in the rain pushing her bike in Chiang Mai Thailand A band of visually impaired musicians in Chiang Mai A portrait of a peacock in the Chiang Mai zoo in Thailand. Dim sum lady at the saturday market in chiang mai thailand The Doi Suthep Temple over the mountain in Chiang Mai Thailand
Two elephants with their trunks entangled in Mae Tang in Thailand Katam corner in Chiang Mai Thailand Thai spirits and spirit houses next to a bodhi tree in chiang mai thailand. A sidewalk kitchen with a woman cooking in bangkok thailand Ox carts in an elephant park in Thailand Elephant Nature Park in Mae Tang Thailand

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