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A visit to Brindisi ~ Italy

Photo under Creative Commons by Nextors (Obviously not mine since I didn’t go there yet). I’ve lived in Europe and visited some parts quite a lot, but I never managed to set foot in Italy during my travels. I’ve been to Spain (and live here now), lived in France, visited [...]

Koh Samet island ~ Thailand

The first island I’ve ever visited in Thailand is an almost unknown little T-shaped island called Koh Samet, a few hours away from Bangkok. This island is located in the Gulf of Thailand, off the cost of the Rayong Province, away from the tourist trail. It’s the closest island to [...]

7 Super Shots Photo Game

In the past year, I have been tagged many times to participate in blogging games, listing most popular posts, with specific categories (most popular post, most controversial post etc…). But truth is, I’ve never participated, simply because I don’t have a travel blog. I have a photography website and the [...]