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With the start of the rainy season, stormy clouds start to gather up during the afternoon, offering great dramatic shots with a wide angle. I pass by this temple every week but I never went in before. This was the first time I got curious enough and checked how it looked like. It doesn’t change […]

Wat Buppharam, is one of the most beautiful temples (and probably my favorite) in Chiang Mai, about 500m away from the tourist zone at Tha Phae gate. I think it best shows its glory during sunset when the golden light enhances the warm colors. The site of Wat Buppharam is of historical importance, as it […]

Inside the walls of the old city in Chiang Mai, Wat Chedi Luang is probably the second most famous temple (after Wat Phra Singh). Built in the mid-15th century and damaged after an earthquake in 1545, it used to be the home of the famous ‘Emerald Buddha’ (which is now in Bangkok). The ruin stands […]

I wish I could be in this state more often but lately, since I came back from holiday, I’m more in a stressed-busy mode. Catching up with work, writing, editing, catching up with photos, friends, and waiting for good news.. I just can’t sit still! So instead of a photo of me jumping around, here’s […]

~~oOo~~ (Reminder: Click on Photo to view a better size for your screen if too big) In Thailand, Buddhist temples often have bells made of brass or bronze hanging from frameworks of wood or metal. Unlike the gongs in temples that are used to wake up monks and announce prayer times, these bells are used […]

This shot was taken at Wat Pan Tao inside the old city in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The monk was waiting at the door observing a couple of tourists arguing with a tuk tuk driver. I noticed the Buddha statue in the background, shining in the dark so I had to take the photo. ~~oOo~~ Quick […]

This shot was taken in one of the many temples in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The golden circle behind Buddha‘s statue made it look like it had a halo around his head. PS: Sorry this update is a little short, I’m still in bed recovering from a flu with high fever. Normal posts should be back […]

~~oOo~~ This is a shot of the Buddha statues from one of the multiple temples found in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Buddha statues are often found in various positions such as sitting in a lotus flower, meditating, reclining… They can be found carved in different materials like stone, gold, metal, wood, silver… I am curious to […]

~~oOo~~ Wat Chetawan, located outside the old city, is far from being on the list of the most popular temples to visit in Chiang Mai. Hidden behind buildings down Tha Pae road, east of the famous gate, Wat Chetawan, like the neighboring Wat Bupparam and Wat Mahawan temples, was originally built in the late nineteenth century outside […]

~~oOo~~ If you have ever visited temples in Thailand, you have probably seen these little stone-carved statues of monks in the premises. They are often little chubby monks in bright orange robes with a huge smile or a very peaceful expression holding their bowls to receive the alms. They are often placed in green areas around […]

Just like everything in life, altar statues or ‘holy statues’ can end up being damaged or broken.
In most cultures of the world nowadays, a broken statue would just be disposed in the trash and forgotten.

~~oOo~~ I saw this sculpture of a Chinese dragon while visiting the Lantau Island in Hong Kong, China. I’ve always had a fascination with dragons. Probably due to my childhood reading (mostly fantasy). Dragons are legendary creatures appearing in various forms in many distant cultures of the world. Makes you wonder why this connection across continents. There […]

What would you think if one day, you entered a place of worship and saw on the walls a drawing of Neo from the Matrix next to Superman, flying to save the day while airplanes are crashing on the WTC towers? Crazy? Well, not in Thailand! North of the Kingdom, near the Burmese border, is […]

~~oOo~~ Now that Loy Krathong and Yi Peng celebrations are over, life is returning to normal here in Chiang Mai (check out the photo essay). Right before the festival, I found these young monks sitting under a bell in the Wat Phra Singh temple, chatting and laughing together. Most monks in Thailand begin their monkhood […]

Inside the old city in Chiang Mai are many temples (wat) on every street. The most famous ones are Wat Phra Singh, Wat Chedi Luang and Wat Chiang Man (the oldest temple in Chiang Mai). This is a shot of a temple located in the middle of the city, called Wat Chang Taem. It’s a […]

Wat Doi Suthep (Wat means temple in Thai) is located North of Thailand, in the city of Chiang Mai, on the mountain carrying the same name (Doi Suthep). More on the link [...]

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