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La Sorbonne University ~ France

Located in the Latin Quarter in Paris, La Sorbonne is one of the most prestigious and well-known universities in France, housing several higher education and research institutions. Originally, it was founded by Robert de Sorbon as a college in 1253 for theology students without money. The pope at that time [...]

Guardians of Bangkok ~ Thailand

While on my bike tour in Bangkok a few months ago, we biked through this interesting and barely-known area of the capital: A Muslim village built on the water in one of the Chao Phraya River canals. These houses were built and generously offered for free to struggling Muslim villagers [...]

A Speeding Bomb ~ Thailand

I had a friend visit me 2 weeks ago in Chiang Mai from France. As he is also a photographer, we decided to just walk around and take street shots in the market by the river. We never got further than a few steps when a crazy storm just popped [...]

The babouche seller ~ UAE

This babouche seller with his colorful stand is located in the old part of Dubai, near the creek. There is a nice old souq (market) over there with cheap items and the ability to bargain with the vendors. The population around that part of  the city is mainly Asian, from [...]

The Pink Shop ~ Thailand

If you are looking for pink stuff, I guess I found the perfect shop in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Here you can add so much pinkiness to your life by purchasing some pink Hello Kitties handbags, Pink Mickey Mouse backpacks, Pink Teddy Bears and pink earrings and pink shoe laces. I’m [...]