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The Plaza de Isabel la Católica is a small square located at the intersection of the Calle Reyes Católicos and the Gran Via de Colón Avenue in the beautiful city of Granada, in Spain. The square contains a monument built in 1892, and dedicated to Queen Isabel and Columbus, who are featured at the time […]

Located in the Latin Quarter in Paris, La Sorbonne is one of the most prestigious and well-known universities in France, housing several higher education and research institutions. Originally, it was founded by Robert de Sorbon as a college in 1253 for theology students without money. The pope at that time approved of the idea, and […]

While on my bike tour in Bangkok a few months ago, we biked through this interesting and barely-known area of the capital: A Muslim village built on the water in one of the Chao Phraya River canals. These houses were built and generously offered for free to struggling Muslim villagers from the South of Thailand […]

I had a friend visit me 2 weeks ago in Chiang Mai from France. As he is also a photographer, we decided to just walk around and take street shots in the market by the river. We never got further than a few steps when a crazy storm just popped out of nowhere and it started […]

I really don’t enjoy Vientiane in Laos but I have to admit there are sometimes some good photo opportunities. I caught this photo by the Mekong river, on the new waterfront promenade. A monk was chatting with a tourist who seemed to be very interested in whatever he was saying. I imagined the wisdom-thirsty foreigner […]

This babouche seller with his colorful stand is located in the old part of Dubai, near the creek. There is a nice old souq (market) over there with cheap items and the ability to bargain with the vendors. The population around that part of  the city is mainly Asian, from Indians to Pakistanis and Filipinos. […]

~~oOo~~ I wanted to post a different shot today, a different style of what I usually post. I have always been a fan of B&W shots, especially street shots in monochrome. I never really posted much (I do have some, check out the Black and White tag) but I was wondering if you people enjoy it […]

A Photoshop Lightroom Tutorial: How to fix and improve poor photos with Lightroom.

I took this shot of an old lady preparing flower bouquets before selling them in the streets near the Ping River in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I also like the contrast between the old working woman and the young men napping in the background (it was around 10am). I am wondering if I shouldn’t just continue […]

Pink up your life in the pink shop.

Ghostly visitors roaming around the stalls in Chiang Mai’s Warorot market, Thailand.

This photo made me win a contest tonight in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The theme was “The Fairer Sex“. I wanted to submit this photo as I thought it fit well: An old woman carrying a huge load in the streets to go to work despite her age. She is still strong and determined. I wanted […]

How do you fill a bucket to throw on passers-by during Songkran in Chiang Mai? Right in the moat!

~~oOo~~ The strong and spicy fragrances of Arabic perfumes come from a combination of incense and oils but without the alcohol base that is normally used in Western perfumes. The word perfume derives from the Latin “per fume” meaning ‘through smoke’. Perfume in ancient times was used in the form of incense or burning oil […]

~~oOo~~ Feeding pigeons seems to be a favorite pastime of locals and farangs (foreigners) in Thailand. In the only park of the old city in Chiang Mai, many people chill out soaking the sun and buy bags of pet food to feed both pigeons and the fish in the ponds. As a result, pigeons are […]

In Thailand, the weather from February until May is considered to be the hottest. The temperatures are usually above 30C (above 90F) and many young backpackers just wander around shirtless showing their white pecs (and beer belly) to all the single ladies out there (go home, please). However, in the past few days, Thailand has […]

~~oOo~~ They might have a different culture, they might look different, they might live in touristy ‘zoo-like’ villages but even girls from the Kayan ‘Long-Neck’ tribe will remain girls and play together like every other children in the world. We are not so different after all. These two girls were completely absorbed in the electronic […]

~~oOo~~ Flameworking is the art of creating glass ornaments using a torch to melt glass rods while shaping it with different tools. It’s an art that has been practiced since Ancient Syria in the 1st century B.C. This Thai man is often found during the Saturday or Sunday Walking Markets in Chiang Mai working on his craft. […]

~~oOo~~ This is a little bamboo bridge over a pond I found behind a temple in Chiang Mai, leading to the monks headquarters. It felt shaky when I walked on it but looked stable enough as many monks use it daily to cross to the temple grounds. One thing I find disappointing in the Western […]

~~oOo~~ Sweeping the temple grounds is one of the rituals of the Buddhist monk in Thailand. Everyday, at dawn and in the evening, monks take care of the temple compound. They cut the grass, clean the inside of the buildings and sweep the floor. They must uphold certain standards of cleanliness according to one of […]

~~oOo~~ Sorry if I disappointed you, this is not about the TV show Gossip Girls. I used to live in a very hot and sunny country (ok I still do, but it’s a different one now) and we often used to escape the chaos of the city (Abu Dhabi or Dubai) and go camping during the […]

In Thailand, no visit is complete without a tuk-tuk ride. It’s like going to Venice and not riding a gondola. Tuk-tuks are motorized rickshaws, three-wheelers mainly found in South-East Asia. Wandering in the streets of Bangkok or any major city, you will ALWAYS bump into someone offering you a tuk-tuk ride or a tour of […]

~~oOo~~ Last year I went to visit China around the South coast. We spent a weekend together in Zhuhai, a prefecture-level city bordering Macau. Zhuhai is in the province of Guangdong, in the Pearl river delta. It is a popular touristic place for the Chinese and is often called the “Chinese Riviera“. We went walking on […]

~~oOo~~ This photo was taken during the 3rd annual “Worldwide Photo Walk”, a social photography event created by Scott Kelby where photographers get together in town, walk, shoot, socialize and have fun. With a group of other photographers from a club, I participated in the Photo Walk in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Unfortunately, heavy rain spoiled our […]

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