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Terracotta Buddha ~ Thailand

In the southern area of the ‘Old City’ in Chiang Mai, near the South Gate, lies a little secret terracotta garden, hidden behind walls in a small noisy and dirty soi (alley). This garden called Ban Phor Liang Meun’s Terracotta Garden is a  peculiar place, where you can roam around [...]

The Happy Monk Statue ~ Thailand

~~oOo~~ If you have ever visited temples in Thailand, you have probably seen these little stone-carved statues of monks in the premises. They are often little chubby monks in bright orange robes with a huge smile or a very peaceful expression holding their bowls to receive the alms. They are [...]

Alto del Perdon ~ Spain

~~oOo~~ Alto del Perdon … The Mount of Forgiveness. As the pilgrim walks out of Pamplona in Spain, a hill stands on his way, defying him/her, with many giant windmills spread on its peak. It is a very windy place, and a long winding climb. The path is not very [...]

La Flute ~ Paris

~~oOo~~ This shot was taken during a cold overcast winter day, in one of my favorite gardens in Paris: The ‘Jardin de Luxembourg’. I’ll add a poem I found on the internet that in my opinion completes the image. To him no vain regrets belong Whose soul, that finer instrument, [...]