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Travelling Lighter: WD MyPassport Wireless HDD review

Chiropractors love photographers. It’s no wonder, with the amount of gear we carry around during our trips: camera bodies, multiple lenses, tripod, filters, flash units, batteries, cables, clothes (clothes are always last..) and of course a laptop and all the different hard drives. Let me tell you, the smell of Tiger Balm has become a part of me. So in order to avoid that, we’re constantly trying to minimize our gear and end up with a lighter backpack. The rise of mirrorless cameras is already helping, but there are also other options. Recently, I purchased the WD My Passport Wireless 2 […]

WD MyPassport Wireless Hard Drive review

How to add light sources easily in Lightroom

One of the most important skills of photography is Patience: Waiting for the right moment, and snapping that photo when all the elements work together. But it’s not always possible due to various reasons, such as time, permissions, accessibility, etc.. Luckily, there are instances where you can fix or enhance your image during post-processing to make it look the way you want it. Keep in mind that I am not advocating the “I’ll shoot and fix later in Photoshop” mentality. Try your best to take the image you want, but if it’s not possible, use post-processing software to enhance it. It’s […]

How to Add Light Sources in Lightroom tutorial

How to correct perspective distortion in Lightroom 5

I usually travel with multiple lenses for the different situations I encounter. One of my favorite lenses to use is my 17-35mm wide-angle lens. My wide angle lens allows me to capture as much as possible of the scene and works especially well for landscape and architectural shots.   However, one issue with shooting wide is the distortion that naturally occurs from the lens and the perspective we shoot from. This distortion is especially visible when shooting city skylines, or interiors. The buildings seem like they’re going to topple. Sometimes it works well, exaggerating the scale of the landscape or size of […]

Correcting perspective distortion in Lightroom 5

The importance of Vision over Technique (Within the Frame Book Review)

Learning about Photography is easy. There are plenty of resources online, from websites, videos to thick hardcovers and ebooks that cover every topic and genre, and often focus on the technical part, such as gear, camera settings and how-to’s. But very few books actually talk about what fuels our passion and what vision drives us forward. Personally, I hit a wall during my earlier days in travel photography. I became good enough to capture technically correct images, I impressed my friends and family (as well as some confused strangers online) but I also realized that those images I worked hard on capturing still […]

Within the Frame by David duChemin

3 misconceptions about Adobe Creative Cloud

  We all know that editing tools are essential in photography (right?). And the most common tools that photographers own are Adobe’s products: Photoshop and Lightroom. Both software used to be standalone products. They were pretty expensive though and were upgraded about every year or two to a newer and better version. Last year, in 2013, Adobe decided to completely change its pricing plan and switched to a subscription-based solution for all its products: The “Creative Cloud”. A lot of photographers were outraged, and still are. I personally switched to Adobe CC a few months ago and I’ve never been happier. However, […]


Support the Artist, not the Curator

    As Internet grew and social media platforms developed, a new popular “job” emerged online: Internet Curators. Curators in the past were essential in the Art industry. They searched for artists, worked with them and put up exhibitions to showcase their work. They were often passionate people holding higher academic degrees in Art with good knowledge in their fields. But nowadays, with the access of thousands of images online, many people have hijacked the job and invented the “Internet Curator“, which is basically described as a person who browses Internet for images and shares them on their own social media […]

Support the artists

How to: Create a Starburst effect in your images

Sometimes, the simplest techniques can create a big impact and improve the images you take. For example, when shooting against the sun or bright street lights, instead of having a boring white blob of light, you can tweak your settings a little bit and achieve ‘starbursts’ to add more impact. Starbursts are those little twinkly stars that you see in the image below. You can also achieve the same effect with the sun of course, and any bright point sources of light. The secret lies simply in … how you set your aperture. If you have a DSLR or a […]


Onwards and Upwards: Ready for 2014

 (Edit: This post was supposed to go live on the last day of 2013, but Bluehost decided to go down on NYE and my website wasn’t accessible.) I don’t know about you but, for me, 2013 was a fantastic year. So many big changes happened in our life and, maybe for the first time since I’ve quit my job to pursue a new photography career, I really felt that my efforts finally started paying well. I’ve come a long way since starting from scratch, wondering how a professional photography really works. I’ve had ups and downs, I’ve had difficult and challenging […]

Elephant Bath - Thailand