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Rough River Lake, KY ~ USA

Last weekend I took a break away from Internet and went relaxing at the Rough River Lake in Kentucky, USA. It’s a 51,000 acre man-made reservoir after a dam was built on the Rough River for flood control. We stayed in a beautiful cabin overlooking the lake, surrounded by nature. [...]

Dusky Leaf monkeys ~ Thailand

Dusky Leaf Monkeys, also known as Spectacled Langur Monkeys are gentle primates found in the south of Thailand. We encountered some of these awesome wild monkeys on an interesting bike tour from Bangkok to Chumporn courtesy of Beyond Boundaries Travel (which I recommend). They were just sitting in the shade [...]
Dusky leaf monkeys, also known as spectacled langur monkeys in the south of Thailand.

Scale of Nature ~ Oman

Here’s a shot of the beautiful Wadi Nakhr, also called the “Grand Canyon of the Middle-East“. Three of my friends and I drove to Oman from Abu Dhabi to camp in the Jabal Shams mountain. The next day, we hiked to this point overlooking the canyon and spent some time [...]

Shamrock Pearl ~ Spain

I know St Paddy’s day was yesterday but I just wanted to post my share of Green today too. Hope everyone had a good celebration and the hangover is not killing you today. How many of you promised not to ever drink again? Here’s a macro shot of a little [...]

A Romantic Walk ~ France

~~oOo~~ Today is Valentine’s day. So how about a beautiful photo of a couple walking together in a park in Perigueux, along the Isle River in France. watched by the naked tall trees on the way? Hope everybody’s enjoying a special time with their partners. I know Valentine’s day is [...]

Strokkur ~ Iceland

~~oOo~~ I know this is just a bubble shot but it’s not any kind of bubble! It is captured a few milliseconds before it erupted into a tower of water and steam about 30 meters (~ 100 feet) up in the air. This is one of the most famous geysers  [...]