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I wish I could be in this state more often but lately, since I came back from holiday, I’m more in a stressed-busy mode. Catching up with work, writing, editing, catching up with photos, friends, and waiting for good news.. I just can’t sit still! So instead of a photo of me jumping around, here’s […]

I really don’t enjoy Vientiane in Laos but I have to admit there are sometimes some good photo opportunities. I caught this photo by the Mekong river, on the new waterfront promenade. A monk was chatting with a tourist who seemed to be very interested in whatever he was saying. I imagined the wisdom-thirsty foreigner […]

This shot was taken at Wat Pan Tao inside the old city in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The monk was waiting at the door observing a couple of tourists arguing with a tuk tuk driver. I noticed the Buddha statue in the background, shining in the dark so I had to take the photo. ~~oOo~~ Quick […]

~~oOo~~ If you have ever visited temples in Thailand, you have probably seen these little stone-carved statues of monks in the¬†premises. They are often little chubby monks in bright orange robes with a huge smile or a very peaceful expression holding their bowls to receive the alms. They are often placed in green areas around […]

~~oOo~~ Now that Loy Krathong and Yi Peng celebrations are over, life is returning to normal here in Chiang Mai (check out the photo essay). Right before the festival, I found these young monks sitting under a bell in the Wat Phra Singh temple, chatting and laughing together. Most monks in Thailand begin their monkhood […]

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