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Kentucky Barn ~ USA

While driving towards the Rough River lake for a weekend, I managed to get this barn from the car window against the “Simpson Sky”. My girlfriend told me I captured what can easily represent Western Kentucky: Red old barns, vast green fields of corn, soya beans or tobacco, and blue [...]

Rough River Lake, KY ~ USA

Last weekend I took a break away from Internet and went relaxing at the Rough River Lake in Kentucky, USA. It’s a 51,000 acre man-made reservoir after a dam was built on the Rough River for flood control. We stayed in a beautiful cabin overlooking the lake, surrounded by nature. [...]

Guthrie Train ~ U.S.

I know I haven’t been posting much. Jet-lag, holidays and helping for a wedding (no, not my wedding) took most of my free time so I haven’t been able to work on photos and post anything interesting. I also had a lot of other work to catch up with. I [...]