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There are times when you notice a beautiful scene, raise the camera to your eye, compose, adjust the exposure and click. Then you go home, upload your shot on your computer and stare at it.. And you find it just ‘perfect’ the way it is. I took this shot in the Netherlands, on a beach […]

A little cliché shot of windmills in the Netherlands. I spent some time shooting in Alkmaar, a nice little town with a very laid back atmosphere and canals and windmills all around, like many places in Holland. There was a huge storm coming while a few friends and I were walking around for some photos. I […]

~~oOo~~ I don’t have much to say on this photo. It was taken in the Netherlands, on a beach North of Amsterdam. Part of the beach was full of people walking around next to a lighthouse and children playing with their kites, building sandcastles or abandoning beach villas. The other part of the beach was […]

Lighthouses are awesome.

Their isolated and mysterious nature, braving storms and standing tall against angry seas makes them fascinating subjects, often featured in horror or mystery movies.

This quiet city of 95,000 inhabitants located North of Amsterdam in the Netherlands is a popular cultural destination for tourists bored of the crowd.

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