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A couple of days ago, I shared this photo I took last Fall in Kentucky. It’s an old barn located near Rough River lake with hanging tobacco waiting to be fire cured. The photo was well received but I had a few comments from people telling me “It’s HDR”. Now, on the one hand, I […]

Since my Lightroom tutorial is one of the most popular posts on my website, I’ve decided to continue and offer some free  ”behind the scene glimpse” of my editing process by creating a new section called “How I Edited It”. Hope it will be useful in understanding how you can improve your shots and that […]

When we mention mobile photography, the first thing that comes up to mind usually is “iPhoneography“. There’s no denying that iPhones have opened up the door to a new genre of photography and Hipstamatic+Instagram have popularized filters on lifeless bland snapshots that are now directly shared online to hundreds of people. Since then, many more […]

Every once in a while, I go back through my archives to check out some photos and spend some time editing again. Photography is an endless learning process. Every week I learn something new. A new lighting technique, a different way to edit photos, a new idea.. It just doesn’t end. There is no mastering, […]

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