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David DuChemin, renowned Travel and Humanitarian photographer, describes landscape photographers quite accurately: “Anyone who gets up that early, or stays out that late, to make photographs, or hauls a heavy tripod up a hill to do so, can’t possibly have all their marbles”. Landscape photography might seem like an easy field. You just point your camera […]

Have you ever wondered how travel photographers create stunning images that tell stories about people’s lives? What goes on through their minds and how they end up choosing a few photos out of thousands? If yes, then you should check out this new documentary and travel photography Ebook from Light Stalking. Rabari – Encounters with […]

Let’s be honest. There are tons of eBooks or websites on the internet teaching you how to become a better photographer in just a few hours of reading. Some even claim they’ll teach you how to take great photos, retouch them in Lightroom or Photoshop and set up your own successful business in just 3 hours […]

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