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Guardians of Bangkok ~ Thailand

While on my bike tour in Bangkok a few months ago, we biked through this interesting and barely-known area of the capital: A Muslim village built on the water in one of the Chao Phraya River canals. These houses were built and generously offered for free to struggling Muslim villagers [...]

Street Food ~ Thailand

~~oOo~~ One of my biggest pleasures while traveling is: Food! Especially Street Food. Street food is obtained from a streetside vendor, a portable stall or small stand (like a hot dog stand in the US, or “kitchen carts” in Asia). It is often regional or local “fast food” to take [...]

Thai Spirits

Thailand is a Buddhist country, but Animism is also omnipresent and interwoven in daily prayers and religious ceremonies, especially in rural parts and the North. Spirits and ghosts live everywhere in Thailand. Unlike in western culture where they are mostly feared and  banished, Thai people pay a particular respect to [...]
Thai spirits and spirit houses next to a bodhi tree in chiang mai thailand.

Sidewalk Kitchen ~ Thailand

This restaurant (The Green House) is one of my favorite on Rambuttri Rd, parallel to Khao San Rd. in Bangkok, Thailand. As most restaurants in the area, it is open on the street and half the tables are actually on the sidewalk. In Thailand, sidewalks aren’t used for walking. They [...]
A sidewalk kitchen with a woman cooking in bangkok thailand