Personalized Video Tutorials

Post Processing Video Tutorials

Post-processing is an essential part of Photography. You very rarely get the perfect image you want straight out of the camera since it’s a limited tool.

One of the most common questions I get are about how to properly process an image.
The reason is: processing seems complicated. A software like Lightroom seems overwhelming. Where to start? What do all the different sliders do? How do I bring out details in my image?

For this reason, I am offering personalized video tutorials on how to process an image of your choice for the small price of $20.
Here’s how it works:

Pick a photo you’d like to have edited. I highly recommend shooting in RAW if your camera allows it as you get the best results. If not, a jpeg should be ok (but not as efficient as a RAW file). I will then send you a video with the following:

– You will get a constructive feedback of your image (exposure, composition, story, etc..) and I will point out what can be improved in post-processing.

– You will get one of your own images edited by me in Lightroom.

– I will explain in details WHAT I am doing to your image and WHY I am doing it.

– I will cover:

– How to import your image in Lightroom.

– What are the 2 most important modules in Lightroom.

– What are the sliders and options I am using.

– Why I am doing it and my creative choices.

– If necessary, I will import in Photoshop or other third-party software to tweak some details.

– How to make your image ready for publishing on Internet/Social Media.

– How to resize and watermark your image.

– How to export your final image.

The video will be shared only with you through Dropbox (as a downloadable link).


Basically, for the price of $20, you get your own personal video with:

  1. A critique of your image.
  2. A step-by-step edit + the final edited image.
  3. A mini Lightroom tutorial.
  4. Tips on how to improve your image for the future.


Please follow the instructions below to make it easy for both of us:

– Add your email address below and proceed with the payment. Your email is only needed for identification and communication purposes and will never ever be sold or shared to anyone.

– I will send you a confirmation email and instructions on where to send the image.

– Once the image is received, I will record the video within a maximum of 72h and send it to you through a downloadable link.

Thank you and happy shooting.

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