Free Photo Critiques

UPDATE: Due to the critiques being very popular and the amount of photos I am receiving, I am unable to catch up and deliver good feedback on time. Therefore, this section will be put on hold temporarily until I come up with a better solution. Thank you for understanding.

I am a completely self taught photographer. I bought my first camera in November 2007 and spent 2 years reading, experimenting and asking questions to reach the level I have today.

But the most important thing that helped me improve fast and efficiently was: Critiques.

I still remember the first photos I took and showed to my friends: They all thought I should apply as a National Geographic photographer (thanks! haha).

I also remember the first time I posted one of the photos I was proud of on a photography internet forum.

I thought it was a nice relaxing photo and showed it to everyone for some nice feedback. It got destroyed.

So many things were wrong about it: No Rule of thirds (what was that?), lens flare, no leading lines, low contrast, no story, boring…

Many photographers commented on it and gave me negative but constructive feedback.

I was a little upset to be honest, but decided to just listen to their advice and try again.

And so I did! I tried and tried and kept on posting and receiving feedback. And that helped me much more than staying at home and reading photography tutorials. People around us can say many nice things about our work but it doesn’t really help us improve and challenge ourselves.

Therefore, to help anyone wanting to improve their photography, I have decided to offer FREE PHOTO CRITIQUES and help you achieve your goal!


Here is the procedure:

  • If you are interested in receiving feedback and tips on how to improve your craft, send me a photo through my mail or link to a flickr/online portfolio account and I will do my best to reply to you as soon as possible.
  • Please send just 1 photo you are proud of or you think can be improved. I will first start doing single photos per person. Once you receive feedback, you can send a new one the next week.
  • Don’t forget to attach a mail I can reply to as the feedback will remain private.
  • To help me give better feedback, let me know what camera you use (DSLR, compact..) and what processing software you have (Lightroom, Photoshop, Picasa..) or any information that might be useful.
  • In case the photo is interesting and I would love to write a post about it with processing tips, I WILL ask your permission first.
  • Send only photos you have taken. You will retain full copyright of your photos and I will never use them for anything else than giving you private feedback. I will also not share your email to anyone.
  • In case I receive a lot of requests, please be patient as I will work on each photo in receiving order.

Important note: Remember that I will give you an honest and professional feedback. It may not always be positive and you may not always like what you read, especially if you are proud of the photo. My intention is to share my knowledge and help you become a better photographer. If I just told you “OMG IZ SO COOL PERFECT WOW LOL!”, this won’t help you a bit. I will never critique the photographer, only the photo.

So, don’t be shy! Have fun photographing!