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How to create Panoramic Images in Lightroom

Sometimes, it feels like our cameras and wide-angle lenses can’t really capture the immensity and beauty of a landscape. One easy way to overcome this limitation is to create a panorama (and print it in  large format!). Creating a panorama isn’t as hard as it sounds, especially with Lightroom. Sure, we have smartphones that can do the job easily, but it won’t have the scale and details of a proper panorama created with a DSLR. The idea is simple: take a number of photos and then stitch them together in a software. Previously, it was a pain to stitch photos […]

Tanzania Panorama created in Lightroom

How to Photograph the Moon

We have a beautiful moon. She likes to show off and catwalk across the sky and doesn’t mind being photographed, especially on those rare hyped days the media gets all excited about (SuperMoon, Rare Blue Moon, Blood Moon, Money Moon, UltraMoon…). But too often, we see some of our acquaintances take photos of the moon and post them on Facebook. They mostly look like white sad blobs. And since you don’t want to be that person, here are a few tips to help you get a great shot of the moon easily. 1- The gear: – A Camera (says Captain […]

How to Photograph the moon photography tutorial

A Lightroom Photo Processing Workflow [Video]

This is not the first time I create tutorials, or “How I Edited” workflows, but this is certainly the first time I created a VIDEO tutorial! I’ve had a few requests from readers asking me to do video tutorials that are easier to follow than reading a bunch of text, but I’ve always postponed it to that famous “later” date. Well, it seems that later was today! So, here’s my first video, hopefully the first of many more to come. I’m going to show my entire workflow and how I turned a boring, underexposed photo I took back in 2008, […]

Lightroom Editing Workflow Video

How to: Create a Metadata Preset in Lightroom

Thanks to the invention of Internet and social platforms, photographers don’t really need agents anymore to represent their work and they have the ability to share their work to millions of viewers and increase their reach exponentially. However, it’s also very common that all the relevant information attached to the image, such as the author and copyright information, get lost during the process. (Which is also why I insist that we should all play our part and not support only curators, but also artists). But fear not! Thanks to Lightroom, we have the ability to embed all our copyright information into our […]

How to create a metadata preset in lightroom tutorial

How to add light sources easily in Lightroom

One of the most important skills of photography is Patience: Waiting for the right moment, and snapping that photo when all the elements work together. But it’s not always possible due to various reasons, such as time, permissions, accessibility, etc.. Luckily, there are instances where you can fix or enhance your image during post-processing to make it look the way you want it. Keep in mind that I am not advocating the “I’ll shoot and fix later in Photoshop” mentality. Try your best to take the image you want, but if it’s not possible, use post-processing software to enhance it. It’s […]

How to Add Light Sources in Lightroom tutorial

How to correct perspective distortion in Lightroom

I usually travel with multiple lenses for the different situations I encounter. One of my favorite lenses to use is my 17-35mm wide-angle lens. My wide angle lens allows me to capture as much as possible of the scene and works especially well for landscape and architectural shots.   However, one issue with shooting wide is the distortion that naturally occurs from the lens and the perspective we shoot from. This distortion is especially visible when shooting city skylines, or interiors. The buildings seem like they’re going to topple. Sometimes it works well, exaggerating the scale of the landscape or size of […]

Correcting perspective distortion in Lightroom 5

How to: Create a Starburst effect in your images

Sometimes, the simplest techniques can create a big impact and improve the images you take. For example, when shooting against the sun or bright street lights, instead of having a boring white blob of light, you can tweak your settings a little bit and achieve ‘starbursts’ to add more impact. Starbursts are those little twinkly stars that you see in the image below. You can also achieve the same effect with the sun of course, and any bright point sources of light. The secret lies simply in … how you set your aperture. If you have a DSLR or a […]


How to: Backing up your Lightroom in the Cloud

Let’s face it. Hardware failure does happen, and not just to other people. I’ve had 2 hard drives die on me in the past and a third one is acting a little weird lately. The beauty of digital photography is that you don’t need a dedicated storage room to put away all your archives and film rolls. Everything fits inside a tiny hard drive connected to your computer. But these HDDs are not 100% fail-proof and within minutes, you could be losing all your stored images and data. Of course there are ways to recover the lost information, but these […]

How to backing up Lightroom in the cloud