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Sometimes, the simplest techniques can create a big impact and improve the images you take. For example, when shooting against the sun or bright street lights, instead of having a boring white blob of light, you can tweak your settings a little bit and achieve ‘starbursts’ to add more impact. Starbursts are those little twinkly […]

Let’s face it. Hardware failure does happen, and not just to other people. I’ve had 2 hard drives die on me in the past and a third one is acting a little weird lately. The beauty of digital photography is that you don’t need a dedicated storage room to put away all your archives and […]

A histogram: you might have heard of this weird nerdy word thrown in by photographers. While it might sound like a shady social media platform, it’s an essential tool to learn and master if you want to have full control on your images. Picture this: It’s summer and you are taking outdoor photos under the […]

A couple of days ago, I shared this photo I took last Fall in Kentucky. It’s an old barn located near Rough River lake with hanging tobacco waiting to be fire cured. The photo was well received but I had a few comments from people telling me “It’s HDR”. Now, on the one hand, I […]

Since my Lightroom tutorial is one of the most popular posts on my website, I’ve decided to continue and offer some free  ”behind the scene glimpse” of my editing process by creating a new section called “How I Edited It”. Hope it will be useful in understanding how you can improve your shots and that […]

So you want to be a Travel Writer / Travel Photographer? Why not join MatadorU, a great award-wining online course?

A Photoshop Lightroom Tutorial: How to fix and improve poor photos with Lightroom.

Why considering yourself to be a purist in photography is just nonsense.

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