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Alto del Perdon ~ Spain

~~oOo~~ Alto del Perdon … The Mount of Forgiveness. As the pilgrim walks out of Pamplona in Spain, a hill stands on his way, defying him/her, with many giant windmills spread on its peak. It is a very windy place, and a long winding climb. The path is not very [...]

Forest Walk ~ Spain

~~oOo~~ If I had to choose between living by the sea or living in the mountains by a forest, I’d definitely choose the mountain/forest. There is something about forests that attracts me. I can hardly find anything as soul-cleansing as a walk in an old forest. The mind is cleared [...]

Beauty and the Beast ~ Spain

Something a little different today. I got this shot on a very cold morning near the O Cebreiro village on the Camino de Santiago in Spain. I had my macro lens on for the day and had decided to only shoot in Black and White. I found this little dried [...]

Morning Shower ~ Spain

What I loved about the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage is that, after a few days of walking, your senses are magnified and you start noticing every detail around you. I captured this photo right at the exit of Portomarin, a little town in the province of Lugo North of Spain. [...]

Faro Cabo Fisterra ~ Spain

~~oOo~~ The Lighthouse at “Land’s End”. This is the lighthouse called Faro Cabo Fisterra in Galician language, located in Finisterra, the westernmost point in Spain, on a “mountain” called Monte Facho. Monte Facho was a sacred region since the prehistoric Celtic origins of Galicia. Legend has it that a hermit [...]

O Cebreiro ~ Spain

Although the whole Camino de Santiago was fantastic, one of my secretly favorite places was: O Cebreiro… The second highest peak after the Pyrenees, in Galicia. The long walk up the mountain was peaceful and relaxing. It was a steep climb but nobody was in a rush, stopping frequently and [...]

Creeping Clouds ~ Spain

While many pilgrims were gathered on the last standing rock in Cabo Finisterra, watching the sun set over the Atlantic Ocean, I turned around and noticed those clouds creeping from behind. I climbed a few rocks further away to take a nice shot without many people showing up. An old [...]
Pink weird shaped clouds creeping over the Atlantic Ocean at the end of the Camino de Santiago in Cabo Finisterra, Spain

Pebble Garden ~ Spain

~~oOo~~ One of the magical places I encountered on the Camino de Santiago in Spain was “The Garden of Pebbles”. It was really a tough day: pain in the knees, pain in the right ankle, blisters, heavy backpack.. I had just stopped for a quick meal in Ventosa and desperately [...]
A garden of small pebble cairns on the camino de santiago near ventosa in Spain.