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Santa Maria de Montserrat ~ Spain

One of Catalonia’s most important monasteries, Santa Maria de Monserrat is a Benedictine abbey located in the mountains of  Montserrat, under the shadow of the imposing monoliths. Culminating at over 1200 meters, Montserrat often attracts religious pilgrims from all over Spain who come visit the famous Black Virgin of Montserrat. [...]

Hay Bales ~ Spain

I’ve been extremely busy lately and had to catch up with a lot of work, which is the reason why I haven’t posted much. While you’re reading this, I’ll be already on my way to the US for a month to enjoy some good time in rural Kentucky :) I’ll [...]

The Yellow Arrow ~ Spain

~~oOo~~ The Yellow Arrow, also known as the Flecha Amarilla in Spanish guides pilgrims to the city of Santiago de Compostela in Spain. No maps are required , at every road fork, there is a yellow arrow painted on a wall, tree, sign, stone, house or wherever necessary to point [...]

Shamrock Pearl ~ Spain

I know St Paddy’s day was yesterday but I just wanted to post my share of Green today too. Hope everyone had a good celebration and the hangover is not killing you today. How many of you promised not to ever drink again? Here’s a macro shot of a little [...]

Endless Journey ~ Spain

~~oOo~~ The pilgrim walks and walks knowing that the goal is never clear nor important, but the journey is endless and enlightening. Many of these pilgrims (now good friends) that I have come across keep on walking, again and again, either physically or spiritually. Many don’t always know where they [...]

La Rioja vineyards ~ Spain

~~oOo~~ La Rioja is the home of Spanish Red Wine. A province and autonomous community of Northern Spain, La Rioja is crossed by the Camino de Santiago. The name comes from the river Oja that flows through the region (Rio Oja). La Rioja is also the second province with the [...]

The Fishing Town of Cee ~ Spain

~~oOo~~ Usually, most pilgrims end the Camino de Santiago in the town of Santiago de Compostella, in front of the Cathedral where supposedly lie the remains of St. James. But the Camino doesn’t really end there, it continues up to Finisterra, the “end of the World” where they say a [...]

Rabanal del Camino Albergue ~ Spain

~~oOo~~ This sweet little albergue in ‘Rabanal del Camino’ in Spain is a very relaxing and welcoming place after the long walk on the meseta (the Spanish “desert”). What’s an albergue? An albergue is a hostel for pilgrims walking the Camino de Santiago, a pilgrimage road leading to Santiago de [...]