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I took this shot of an old lady preparing flower bouquets before selling them in the streets near the Ping River in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I also like the contrast between the old working woman and the young men napping in the background (it was around 10am). I am wondering if I shouldn’t just continue […]

This photo made me win a contest tonight in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The theme was “The Fairer Sex“. I wanted to submit this photo as I thought it fit well: An old woman carrying a huge load in the streets to go to work despite her age. She is still strong and determined. I wanted […]

Songkran is an awesome celebration and fun for all ages. Kids are especially ecstatic during the Thai New Year as they are allowed to stay out all day and splash everyone (bonus points for farangs/foreigners) with guns and buckets without being scolded. Here’s a mini-photo essay featuring the Children of Songkran (yes, I know it […]

~~oOo~~ The musical scene in Chiang Mai is really good. There are many young bands playing in different bars every night. Some are really talented and others just make you want to rip your ears off and go drown in the moat. I once went to a popular bar alone to chill out and maybe […]

~~oOo~~ Feeding pigeons seems to be a favorite pastime of locals and farangs (foreigners) in Thailand. In the only park of the old city in Chiang Mai, many people chill out soaking the sun and buy bags of pet food to feed both pigeons and the fish in the ponds. As a result, pigeons are […]

~~oOo~~ Here’s another shot of the Yao Hill Tribe (also known as the Mien tribe) near Chiang Mai, North of Thailand. This lady was trying to remain serious during the shoot but ended up giggling then burst into laughter. That was a lovely moment. I also like their traditional outfit with the super bright red […]

In Thailand, the weather from February until May is considered to be the hottest. The temperatures are usually above 30C (above 90F) and many young backpackers just wander around shirtless showing their white pecs (and beer belly) to all the single ladies out there (go home, please). However, in the past few days, Thailand has […]

~~oOo~~ They might have a different culture, they might look different, they might live in touristy ‘zoo-like’ villages but even girls from the Kayan ‘Long-Neck’ tribe will remain girls and play together like every other children in the world. We are not so different after all. These two girls were completely absorbed in the electronic […]

~~oOo~~ Flameworking is the art of creating glass ornaments using a torch to melt glass rods while shaping it with different tools. It’s an art that has been practiced since Ancient Syria in the 1st century B.C. This Thai man is often found during the Saturday or Sunday Walking Markets in Chiang Mai working on his craft. […]

~~oOo~~ Sorry if I disappointed you, this is not about the TV show Gossip Girls. I used to live in a very hot and sunny country (ok I still do, but it’s a different one now) and we often used to escape the chaos of the city (Abu Dhabi or Dubai) and go camping during the […]

~~oOo~~ While visiting a Hill Tribe village North of Thailand near Chiang Mai, I noticed this little kid playing with a wooden truck loaded with some fruits under the supervision of his father. He was being creative and trying to get his truck on a curb by placing little wood planks under the wheels. Ha! […]

~~oOo~~ This photo was taken during the 3rd annual “Worldwide Photo Walk”, a social photography event created by Scott Kelby where photographers get together in town, walk, shoot, socialize and have fun. With a group of other photographers from a club, I participated in the Photo Walk in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Unfortunately, heavy rain spoiled our […]

Thai people love Khom Loy lanterns. Actually Thai people and most visitors do.
There is something special in seeing those huge lanterns filled with hot air gliding gracefully in the sky like giant jellyfish. It just makes people happy.

Another portrait of a Kayan Lahwi Hill Tribe from Thailand, commonly known as the “Long Necks” amongst tourists.

The story of the famous legendary “Billy El Kid” (Thai version), Terror of the North of Thailand.

Some of the most important markets in Chiang Mai are the Saturday Walking Market and the Sunday Walking Market.

Another shot of the Kayan Lahwi Hill Tribe I visited in a village near Chiang Mai, North of Thailand. It was a touching moment as I was watching the mother playing with her child with only little stones (she has them in her hands). The little baby was giggling all the time and I loved […]

The Kayan Lahwi also called the “Long Necked Hilltribe” are a subgroup of the Karen, a heterogeneous closely related tribes originally from Eastern Burma. Running away from the turmoil in Burma, many of these tribes have found refuge in Northern Thailand where they live in “touristy villages” which helps them sustain and keep their culture alive. The […]

A common scene in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Young monks are often seen chilling on a bench somewhere around the moat, or in temple grounds, chatting together while watching people pass by. Some are even seen playing with their blackberry (true!) or watching videos on youtube on their netbook while sitting in a cafe, or walking […]

The Yao Hill Tribe (also called the Mien Hill Tribe) originate from Southern China. They can be found mainly in the Golden Triangle in Vietnam, Laos and Thailand. They had in the past considerable power during the Chinese Empire as the Emperor was married to a Yao Tribe woman. The Yao are the only hill […]

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity visit a hill tribe in Mae Sa, near Chiang Mai. Thanks to the Thai driver we hired, I was able to chat a bit with the locals and ask questions. This woman was from the White Karen hill tribe (Ka Nyaw Wah in Karen), an ethnic tribe […]

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