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Uprooted ~ Oman

One good habit to have as a photographer is to go back in your archives and check out some of your older work from time to time. Since photography is a continuous learning process, we come up with new ideas, new visions and new techniques on how to edit images, [...]
Uprooted Tree near Khasab in Oman

Tree Silhouettes at Dawn ~ Oman

While some people put on their best clothes and drink champagne for New year’s Eve, and others go have a wild party they’re probably going to forget about the next morning, we decided with a few friends to head out to the Sultanate of Oman and spend 5 days camping [...]

The charming Balad Seet village ~ Oman

Hidden deep inside the Jabal Shams mountains, surrounded by rocks and barely accessible by a winding dirt road, lies the tiny village of Balad Seet in the Sultanate of Oman. A popular destination for adventure seekers, Balad Seet reveals to the visitor the secret of the Omani people’s hard working [...]

Scale of Nature ~ Oman

Here’s a shot of the beautiful Wadi Nakhr, also called the “Grand Canyon of the Middle-East“. Three of my friends and I drove to Oman from Abu Dhabi to camp in the Jabal Shams mountain. The next day, we hiked to this point overlooking the canyon and spent some time [...]

Wadi Nakhr Canyon ~ Oman

~~oOo~~ The Sultanate of Oman is truly a splendid country with a variety of landscapes from white sandy beaches, flat rocky deserts, to high mountains and even the famous Salalah, an area almost as green as Ireland. Rising about 3050m above sea level, Jabal Shams (Mount of the Sun), part [...]