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Living in Thailand is amazing. We’ve got a great lifestyle and are very happy with it. But although we have a few seasons like the rainy season, or the smoky season, I sometimes miss the cold and the colors of fall and winter. I explained a few weeks ago how color is very important in […]

Paname, Paname.. Paris is a city I love. I usually can’t stand huge cities, with all their chaotic traffic, fast-paced life and lack of human warmth. I prefer smaller towns, where people actually smile at each other and where faces become familiar after a while. I prefer to walk everywhere than to jump in a car […]

Today is the Summer Solstice. The longest day in the Northern Hemisphere. And because it’s much more fun to do things differently, I decided to share some of my winter shots from France. Why not? Although it looks like fall (or Autumn), these photos were actually taken on the first of January, right during winter. […]

Even though in our time we build tall skyscrapers, trying to compensate our lack of creativity with phallic towers, I feel much more amazed by the amount of work and detail put into the Middle-Age’s Gothic architecture. How can you not feel dwarfed in front of the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris, still standing strong since 1345, whereas […]

Located in the Latin Quarter in Paris, La Sorbonne is one of the most prestigious and well-known universities in France, housing several higher education and research institutions. Originally, it was founded by Robert de Sorbon as a college in 1253 for theology students without money. The pope at that time approved of the idea, and […]

~~oOo~~ The Tour Eiffel might be the most famous icon of France but the Notre-Dame cathedral is actually the most visited monument in the city of Paris with more than 13 million visitors per year (The Eiffel Tower only attracts about 6~7 million). Located not far from the Musee du Louvre, the Notre-Dame’s (Our Lady […]

~~oOo~~ In 2008, the Eiffel Tower was lit in blue every evening while France was presiding the E.U. It resembled the  European Union flag with the 12 yellow stars. Some facts about the Tower you maybe didn’t know: In February 1912, the Austrian tailor Franz Reichelt died after jumping 60 metres from the first deck of Eiffel tower […]

~~oOo~~ Today is Valentine’s day. So how about a beautiful photo of a couple walking together in a park in Perigueux, along the Isle River in France. watched by the naked tall trees on the way? Hope everybody’s enjoying a special time with their partners. I know Valentine’s day is a commercial holiday but it’s […]

~~oOo~~ The Tour Eiffel is one of the most famous icons in the world with over 30 duplicates in many different countries. The beautiful tower always knew how to show herself to the city of Love with beautiful light shows of different colors. However, many don’t know that the structure also glitters every hour for […]

A little different shot for today, I hope you enjoy Black and White! This was taken in France, about 5 kilometers before the Spanish border, while walking on the Camino de Santiago. It was foggy, very cold and windy. I was walking behind my friend and slowed down to take photos all around while he […]

~~oOo~~ As Fall is drawing close and already many Northern Hemisphere countries are buried under snow, I thought it’d be a good idea to post a last colorful fall-ish photo. This photo was taken in France, in a small town called Perigueux, East of Bordeaux. I’m actually cheating because, although it looks like a photo […]

Most people will tell you that the first day of the Camino de Santiago is the hardest day of the walk (starting from St. Jean Pied-de-Port) and I agree. Waking up at dawn in this old Basque village, at the foot of the Pyrénées mountains, I start my month long journey with much anticipation. The […]

~~oOo~~ This is a shot of the interior of the Basilica of St. Remi in the city of Reims, France. The Abbey of St. Remi founded in the sixth century contains the relics of the Bishop St. Remi, who converted Clovis, the king of the Franks, to Christianity in 496 AD. The small church later […]

~~oOo~~ This shot was taken during a cold overcast winter day, in one of my favorite gardens in Paris: The ‘Jardin de Luxembourg’. I’ll add a poem I found on the internet that in my opinion completes the image. To him no vain regrets belong Whose soul, that finer instrument, Gave to the world no […]

While visiting the Eiffel tower with a friend, I came across this monument at the end of the “Champs de Mars” (a big garden next to the tower), right in front of the military school that you see behind the monument on the photo. It is a monument dedicated to Peace on Earth. It consists […]

~~oOo~~ When you hear Paris, what do you think? What image comes to mind? Of course, most people visualize the Eiffel Tower or Notre-Dame Cathedral. But Paris is much much more than that! The small narrow streets with the old bistrots, windows with rows of croissants and Pains au chocolat, the clichéd Frenchman walking under […]

Autumn leaves.. We don’t have that in Thailand. And I didn’t have it when I lived in Abu Dhabi. Autumn is a mysterious season to me, a season I look forward to experience again in the future. Here’s a little Autumn poem I found from an unknown author. I want an end like autumn leaves […]

Bored of the Eiffel Tower or the Notre-Dame Cathedral when visiting the beautiful city of Paris? Why not spend a quiet afternoon walking along the haunting tombstones of the most famous and most visited cemetery in the world? The Père Lachaise Cemetery! ~~oOo~~ Entrance of Père Lachaise, the most visited cemetery in the world. It […]

~~oOo~~ When we hear “Paris“, one of the first images in our head is: The “Tour Eiffel“. This 324m (1063 feet) high tower is the tallest standing structure in Paris and is the most visited single paid monument in the world. It was built in 1889 for the Exposition Universelle and was supposed to be […]

There are 3 things in Life that make me automatically smile, return back to childhood and awesomely make my day: 1-Snowglobes (Beautiful ones and not stupid souvenirs). 2-Old Music boxes (With a beautiful tune, original, and not crappy ‘happy birthdays’ or Christmas songs). 3-Carousels I find something magical in these old wooden carousels. As if […]

This is a shot of the interior of the Basilica of St. Remi in the city of Reims, France. The Abbey of St. Remi founded in the sixth century contains the relics of the Bishop St. Remi, who converted Clovis, the king of the Franks, to Christianity in 496 AD. The small church later became a basilica […]

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