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What is “Canvas of Light”?


Canvas of Light is the photography and travel related website of Daniel Nahabedian.
Why the name “Canvas of Light“? Because Photography means “drawing with light” (from Greek – Phōtos and Graphé), therefore.. A photo is like a canvas painted with light!
Furthermore, Daniel is kind of a “Light Snob“. He is very picky about the quality of light and might not be paying attention to the conversation if you approach him during Dawn/Dusk/Golden hour/Blue Hour. You can find out more about the website by downloading the Media Kit.

Who is Daniel Nahabedian?


Daniel Nahabedian is a freelance professional photographer, specializing in Travel, Culture and Landscapes. He is also a photography instructor, teaching in group and private workshops around the world about basic and intermediate photography, as well as post-processing in Lightroom.

What is his Mission?


Trying to contribute to making the world a friendlier place by sharing with his readers his knowledge acquired during his travels, and glimpses of culture and traditions from around the world.
You will definitely not find any images of misery and destruction on this website. There is enough of that in our media and it doesn’t really contribute in our understanding each other. Instead, it digs a wider gap between the viewer and foreign cultures. On Canvas of Light, you will only find beauty, curiosity and photography knowledge.


If interested, you can read more about Daniel’s Code of Ethics to understand how he works.


Looking for a Media Kit? you can download it at this link: Canvas of Light Media Kit 2015

Clients I’ve worked with:

Clients I've worked with

Proven Facts about Daniel Nahabedian:

  • He is an Armenian-Lebanese-French guy, raised in the UAE and living in Spain. Avoid asking him where he is from.
  • He speaks 5 languages (Armenian, French, English, Arabic, Spanish and a bit of Thai).
  • His educational background is in Law.
  • He discovered photography in 2008. He never got to develop films in a darkroom and breathe chemicals.
  • The 850km long Camino de Santiago pilgrimage (St James Way) was the turning point that made him become a full-time photographer. That’s over 1.120.000 steps.
  • If there’s a thunderstorm in the area, you’ll probably find him outside taking lightning shots.
  • He currently lives in the gorgeous city of Granada in Spain.
  • He dislikes “elitist purists” and those who point fingers and call others “cheaters” in photography.
  • He has visited about 17 countries and lived in 5 of them for more than a year.