Where have I been? A long overdue update

It was about time.

This post has been long overdue, and difficult to write. It’s not a tutorial, it’s not about travel. It’s something personal, explaining the reason why I went silent for close to 2 years… also a bit of a rant. You don’t need to read it, and regular photography posts should be back very soon.

I could just shrug off everything and carry on posting photography content (which I will do), but it wouldn’t be really honest towards my followers. So if you want to skip it, feel free. If not, here goes.

It’s been close to 2 years since I last posted something on my website. For any random visitor, it might look dead (2 years on Internet is like .. what… 2 decades?). Yes, my business is still going on, with multiple workshops per year and occasional online courses and assignments, but I just didn’t keep up with my online presence much. My social media has also taken a hit (and all their silly algorithms shun me now), since I don’t post as much as I used to.

The reason behind all this is personal life that affected my drive and motivation. I fell into the big dark pit of Depression, due to my marriage falling apart. I was sad, lost, and unmotivated. And living far away from friends and family, and not having anyone to talk to didn’t help.

I won’t bore you. To keep it short, it certainly wasn’t the best years of my life. I just sat there, watching my world crumble around me without a care.
But eventually, the will to pick myself up and continue forward – at least concerning my passion and photography- became stronger. I owed it to myself, I owed it to the younger version of me who quit his stable career and comfortable (but unhappy) life, to create Canvas of Light from nothing but a spark of passion. It would’ve been a crime against my humanity to let it all go to waste.

So, I am reopening the windows, clearing up the cobwebs, dusting off the shelves and letting some sunshine pour back in on my website.

But I want to keep doing it right, and stay close to my core values.

Which brings me to another point I wanted to talk about: Depression and losing my motivation were a big part of why I stayed out of social media, but not the only reasons. I also felt like things have changed so fast and authenticity in the industry has disappeared. We’re living in the era of Fakeness, which has become a trendy word thanks to some big “influencer” *cough cough*

The amount of followers on many big accounts are fake (you can read about it in this eye-opening article on the New York Times), the endlessly sponsored posts and images are fake.
Facebook is already a battlefield with people hurling political bombs at each other.
Instagram has become a slideshow of overly bright images of beautiful people, whimsically doing something mundane in an endlessly-rehearsed perfect-pose, with as much bare legs and abs as possible. Oh! And a bowl of fruit. I’ve never seen so many people insanely excited about bowls of fruit! Throw in some “healthy” laxative tea recommendation and you’re gold.

Travel blogging is also a dying breed and has been replaced by “Lifestyle blogging” (which is a codename for “let-me-brag-about-how-awesome-my-life-is” blogging). Foreign locations, people and cultures are just muted backdrops to #followmeto’s and #iwokeuplikethis photos.

I always wanted to share stories, and talk about other people, about cultures, places, festivals, rituals.. I am fascinated by how rich and diverse this world is. I will still stick to my values and keep pointing the spotlight outwards instead of stealing it myself.

But I also would like to know what YOU want to see more. I know tutorials are popular on here, and I will continue offering more of it, but what else interests you? Stories of people? Locations? Uncommon places? Opinionated articles? Laxative tea reviews? Any new ideas?
I also have a newsletter that you can subscribe to as well (check the sidebar), and I certainly don’t want to send spammy useless mail, so tell me what would be of interest to you?

Please share them with me in the comments section or DM me on Instagram (which is where I’m most active) and we can discuss about it. I love connecting with people, so don’t hesitate. Behind my sarcasm and beard, I actually have a warm friendly smile!


I’m not sure I’ll keep this post public for very long and it’ll probably be taken off the main page once the regular posting goes back to normal, but thank you for reading this far. Thank you for sticking with me and following me even though I haven’t been around much. I’ll do my best to keep the passion flame alive and pass it on to those who need it.

– Dan

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Glad you’ve come back. Depression is a dark waiting game. And everything you’ve written is on point. “The world is a stage” has taken a deep and terrible meaning. The virtual world is always “on,” cued, polished, and ready for action.

Please post whatever your internal eye longs to see and we’ll all be better people for bearing witness, even if it is secondhand.

May the days, and canvases, ahead be immersed in light. Thank you for your truth. I love you.

Your digital friend and follower,


Welcome back dear friend ❤️


Thank you for your truthfulness. Your honesty shines in your work. It’s one of the reasons I follow your blog. Take your time, come back at your own pace, and steer clear of politics. We will be here when you get back.


I’ve missed your photos and stories a ton, so glad you’re back!