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Adobe Creative Cloud

We all know that editing tools are essential in photography (right?). And the most common tools that photographers own are Adobe’s products: Photoshop and Lightroom.

Both software used to be standalone products. They were pretty expensive though and were upgraded about every year or two to a newer and better version.

Last year, in 2013, Adobe decided to completely change its pricing plan and switched to a subscription-based solution for all its products: The “Creative Cloud”.
A lot of photographers were outraged, and still are. I personally switched to Adobe CC a few months ago and I’ve never been happier.

However, I very regularly encounter people who are still hesitant to upgrade to CC, bringing up “facts” that they’ve heard/read about the subscription plan. Most of them are misconceptions though. So here’s what I often hear:

1- I have to be connected to Internet to use Photoshop/Lightroom!


You need to be connected to Internet at the very beginning to download, install and register your products, and that’s it. You can use PS and LR offline as much as you want, they are installed on your computer (and you can even have it installed on 2 different computers).

You do need to have an Internet connection once every 30 days, just to verify your membership if you subscribed to an annual plan. However, even if you decide to extend your stay in the deep Amazonian jungle for more than a month, as an annual member, you can still use the software for up to 99 days in offline mode.


2- All my files have to be on Adobe’s servers and can be used without my permission!


This misconception probably comes from the word “Cloud”. It’s called “Creative CLOUD”, but nothing is stored on the cloud, unless you decide to.

Your files don’t have to be on Adobe’s servers, they can be anywhere on your computer, external drives, personal cloud or under your mattress. Nothing is uploaded to Behance unless you do it. And the files that you save after editing them in the software are placed wherever YOU want them to be. Adobe is not stealing your images.


3- It costs so much more money!


Let’s do the maths:

Photoshop CS6 extended costs about 1000$ (more). Lightroom costs 150$. Total: 1150$.
Adobe CC for Photographers include both PS and LR, for 10$/month.
In order to reach the same amount for both software, you need to subscribe to CC for 115 months. That’s more than 9 and a half years. If you upgrade your software every 9.5 years, you’d still be using Photoshop CS2 today (came out in 2005).

For 10$ a month, you have always the latest version of both Photoshop and Lightroom. And since Adobe doesn’t have to focus on new software anymore, they release updates much more often than they used to. Also, for 10$ you get access to 20GB of cloud storage.

Of course, the biggest complain is that you don’t OWN the software anymore. You just “rent it” from Adobe. I say: so what?
Instead of complaining about not “owning”, I’d rather pay smaller amounts every month and have the latest updated software that I can use online AND offline. Adobe is not going to disappear anytime soon, and if I, as a business, can’t afford 10$ a month, I seriously need to revise my plans.

You can check out Adobe’s FAQ for more clarification. A lot of questions are answered and myths are debunked.

Hope this will help those who are still hesitating to jump in and subscribe to the Creative Cloud. It’s not as bad as they say it is.

Happy Editing.

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Thanks for the helpful tips, i have been wondering about the Adobe subscription for a while

Daniel Nahabedian

No problem Josh.
It’s really much more affordable and people really have some crazy misconceptions about it.


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