More Granada photos through my phone’s lens ~ Spain

Granada panorama

A few months ago, I added a short photo gallery of images I took of the beautiful city of Granada, all with my phone. Since it was pretty successful, I decided to do another round of images I have taken since then.

All photos are taken with my Nexus 5, and edited mostly in Snapseed (maybe 1 or 2 images in VSCO). I’m still having a blast carrying only my phone and making the most out of the small camera. It’s challenging sometimes, but with good lighting, composition and editing, you can create some great images too.

So sit back and enjoy a glimpse of the charming city of Granada.

Darro River in Granada

The Darro River.

Sunset over the Alhambra in Granada

Sunset over the Alhambra.

The Alhambra Palace Hotel.

The Alhambra Palace Hotel.

Tango show in front of the cathedral in Granada

Tango show in front of the Cathedral

Semana Santa in Granada.

Semana Santa in Granada.

Lady wearing Mantilla in Granada

Lady wearing a mantilla during Semana Santa

Procession during Semana Santa

Procession during Semana Santa.

busking in the plaza in Granada

Busking in the plaza.

Fuente de la Batallas in Granada

Fuente de la Batallas in Granada.

Downtown Granada at night.

Downtown Granada at night.

The San José Cemetery in Granada

The San José Cemetery in Granada.

Bib-Rambla Gate in Granada.

The Bib-Rambla Gate in Granada.

Beautiful Clouds over the Alhambra.

Beautiful Clouds over the Alhambra.

Granada Panorama

The landscape from the hills above Granada.

If you enjoyed it, feel free to follow me on Instagram where I try to post regularly. And most importantly, enjoy your surrounding with (or without) the gear that you have!

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  • Amazing photo essay, Daniel. I’ve only been to Madrid and Toledo, but I’d love to see more of Spain.

    • Thank you Bram.
      Granada is a very charming city, and a popular place to visit. Hope you make it one day!

  • DeJav Speller

    Just stumpled upon your blog. Granada a great city with lots of history and exploring to offer. Great pics look forward to following your post.

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  • Fabiana

    Gorgeous photos! I can’t take photos like that yet, but I’m working on it.

  • These are great photos of granada! Makes me miss spain so much. Anyway, just dropping by to say hello. If you’ve got a few minutes, drop by my blog and say hello too! :)

  • terrywin

    i like it. Highly professional images.

  • Rob Shepter

    I think I was standing behind you when you took the photos during Semana Santa, as I have looked through my photos and they are almost identical, with the people in just the same juxtapositions!

    • Hah! That’s great.
      Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. I’ll be around again this year :)

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  • Katy

    These shots are simply amazing. And what is even more impressive is the fact that they are taken with a mobile phone. I find myself having complications when trying to take more photographic shots. I currently have an iPhone 6, which does have a nice camera lens, but still does not take the best portraits or landscapes.

    These pictures just make me more excited to visit Spain one day!

    • Hey Katy,

      Thanks a lot for the message. If you have the iPhone 6, you have a much better camera than I do (on the phone that is). I have a Nexus 5, which doesn’t compete with the iPhone 6. So you should definitely be able to take great photos with it.
      The secret is not only in taking the photo, but also editing it in different apps to get the look you want. All my photos are edited on my phone in Snapseed or Instagram.
      Hope you get to visit Spain! It’s a gorgeous and friendly country :)