Onwards and Upwards: Ready for 2014

The Pyrenees in France

 (Edit: This post was supposed to go live on the last day of 2013, but Bluehost decided to go down on NYE and my website wasn’t accessible.)

I don’t know about you but, for me, 2013 was a fantastic year.

So many big changes happened in our life and, maybe for the first time since I’ve quit my job to pursue a new photography career, I really felt that my efforts finally started paying well.

I’ve come a long way since starting from scratch, wondering how a professional photography really works. I’ve had ups and downs, I’ve had difficult and challenging moments. But I guess what they say is true: Those who succeed are those who keep going on even though things don’t look too well. Persistence is key.

So what happened in 2013?

After living for 3 years in Chiang Mai – Thailand – with my wife, we decided to leave Asia and try a different place for a change. So, on May the 1st, we landed in Madrid airport in Spain and jumped in a bus to go to the new place we’d call home: the beautiful city of Granada in the Andalucía province.

Why Granada? It was close to the sea and close to the mountains. The weather was much warmer than the north. It was small enough to be walkable and big enough to have everything we needed. And the city is just absolutely gorgeous.

It also seemed that moving to Europe helped put me back under the spotlight and my work started being noticed. I had many great opportunities to meet interesting people and I am very grateful that I had the chance to speak at both the TBEX event in Dublin, Ireland and the TBDI event in Rimini, Italy, a country that I also visited twice (Brindisi and Abruzzo region).

In November, I also had the opportunity to teach at a workshop for 2 weeks back in Chiang Mai, during one of the most wonderful festivals I’ve experienced: Yi Peng.

Concerning the website, I know I haven’t been very active. I was much more present on Social Media (follow me if you want updates). 2014 is going to be a little different as I’m going to focus much more on tutorials and tips on photography. Please let me know what you are looking for and I’ll try to write about it.

I am very grateful for the wonderful year that went by and, as we close the book and start a new one in 2014, I look forward to many more surprises, opportunities and I choose to only go onwards and upwards.

I leave you with a collection of some of the best images I took in 2013 and wish you all a wonderful New Year and may it bring the best out of you.

Abu Dhabi in monochrome

Abu Dhabi in Monochrome. A city that keeps changing at a very fast pace every year.

New Abu Dhabi Skyline

The ever changing landscape of Abu Dhabi in the UAE.

The Alhambra at Sunset ~ Granada

The stunning Alhambra palace on the hills of Granada, as seen from the Mirador de San Nicolas in the Albaycin neighborhood.

Plaza Isabel la Catolica ~ Granada

The Plaza Isabel la Catolica, a beautiful fountain with a statue representing the Queen Isabel and Christopher Colombus. A central point to meet with friends in town.


I really wanted to take that beautiful wooden suitcase with me back home. Taken in Brindisi, Italy.

Golden Pipe Organ - Granada, Spain

A gorgeous organ in the Cathedral of Granada. Probably one of the biggest organs I’ve seen (This is just half of it).

Abruzzo Village - Italy

The beautiful hills of Abruzzo and its medieval villages in Italy. Abruzzo is truly an underrated region, sadly famous for the earthquake that claimed many lives a few years ago. Definitely recommended to visit.

Young Padong Girl - Thailand

A young Padong tribe girl in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Overlooking the Alhambra - Granada

Overlooking the Alhambra palace and the gorgeous city of Granada. This is one of my favorite spots in the city, away from the crowd with a gorgeous view. Bonus: It faces west (sunsets!).

Three Monks and a Lantern - Thailand

Grateful to have attended (for the 4th time) the Yi Peng lantern festival in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Even after so many times it never gets old.

Elephant Bath - Thailand

I had the opportunity to hang out for a day with elephants. These creatures are truly wonderful and it’s very easy to get attached to them.

Sunset on a ferry

A sunset captured on a ferry near Corfu in Greece. The colors and patterns of the waves were incredible.

The last sun rays over Granada in Spain

A last sunset shot from the same lookout as the image further up. Feeling blessed to live in such an amazing place with my wife and doing the things I love.

Don’t forget that, if you’re interested in joining me for a photography tour in one of the most beautiful countries in the world, you still have time! Check out the Autumn Colors in Central Otago Photography Tour in New Zealand (April 2014).

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Having been to Granada once before, your shot of Alhambra makes me weep with longing. That entire town is simply unbelievable in evening light. All the best to you in 2014!

Daniel Nahabedian

Thanks :)
Yes, Granada has great light and the fact that it’s built on a hill makes it greatly photogenic!

Happy New Year first of all! I’ve been following you for some time now, well, at least in Internet terms (a few months basically). So, by now I know you’re a great photographer, especially your landscape pictures, and this post confirms it. What I also noticed is your personality and that you like to have an opinion (yes, it’s a good thing), so it made me think a bit: It’d be nice to see your story-telling side, basically putting your pictures into a bigger context. Of course, it’s up to you, but my intuition tells me that you probably like… Read more »
Daniel Nahabedian

Thanks a lot for the feedback Pal and a Happy New Year to you too!
I appreciate the compliments and the comments. That’s a good idea – talking about the story-telling side – and I’ll try to do more of that this year with my photos.

Molly Sears-Piccavey

Wow, amazing images, The Padong tribe girl and the last image of the Alhambra palace in Spain as my favourites, keep up the good work in 2014

Daniel Nahabedian

Thank you Molly :)

Liz Carlson

Such beautiful photos, especially of Granada! Makes me miss Spain so much!

Daniel Nahabedian

Thanks Liz :) You should come back!


Incredible photos! Especially love the one with the wooden suitcase!

Nancie (Ladyexpat)

All of your shots are gorgeous. I was in Granada a couple of years ago. Definitely, a very liveable city, and your great shot of the Alhambra brings back great memories.

Nita (Spilling the Beans)
Nita (Spilling the Beans)

Your pictures are truly breathtaking! Love all of them, especially the one overlooking Alhambra Palace and Granada, and the Greek sunset. Wish you a wonderful 2014!

Daniel Nahabedian

Thank you very much Nita :) Have a wonderful 2014 too!

Carmen Allan-Petale

Absolutely stunning photos as per usual!

John Gorge

No doubt, this place is wonderful. I wanna go there so soon.

Susane Moris

Absolutely in love with the pictures..can i just go on looking at the Corfu in Greece???? phewwwww

Daniel Nahabedian

Thank you very much Susane :)

John Emmanuel Cruz

Fantastic shots! And the views are truly breathtaking! I like the thought of riding on the elephant’s back :)

Daniel Nahabedian

Thank you :)


There are no words to describe how wonderful your photos are! Definitely breath taking!

Daniel Nahabedian

Thank you very much Hannah :)

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Wow. I am amazed by your photos! Really beautiful. Also love your mission and will te be glad to support it.

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Namaste Turkey

Great Images…Must had a hard time clicking those..?

Iris Milton

Your pictures are fabulous! It feels like I’ve just visited all those places. Hope your 2014 is not worse than 2013!

Daniel Nahabedian

Thank you very much Iris :)
2014 has been excellent so far. And very busy in the next few months, so I guess it won’t disappoint! Hope yours is great too. Thanks for the visit.