The last rays over the Alhambra ~ Granada

The last sun rays over Granada in Spain



The last rays over the Alhambra, as the sun sets behind the distant mountains around the beautiful city of Granada in the South of Spain.

I think this might be my new favorite spot in town. I might not have a cool balcony view like I had in Chiang Mai, but this one beats it for sure. It’s also keeps me fit since I need to walk up a steep hill for about 40min to reach that point.

Photo Tip: Looking at this photo, I also realize that I’m a big fan of complementary colors, especially warm/cool colors in the same shot. Complementary colors are colors that are located on opposite sides of the color wheel. They work really well together and make photos really pop (ex: Orange/blue, or green/red). Try to make the best use of those colors and see how it affects your images.


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Coldwell Banker La Costa

Awesome photo! Great use of the complementary colors!

Francis Cassidy

I with you on the complementary colours, I always enjoy shooting a sunset where I can maintain a deep blue sky


Gorgeous photographs!

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