Uprooted ~ Oman

Uprooted Tree near Khasab in Oman

One good habit to have as a photographer is to go back in your archives and check out some of your older work from time to time.

Since photography is a continuous learning process, we come up with new ideas, new visions and new techniques on how to edit images, and we can apply it on older work.

This image was taken while camping with my friends in the Sultanate of Oman, with my old entry-level Canon 400D. I saw this beautiful tree that was probably uprooted during the destructive cyclone Gonu that hit Oman in 2007.
The image was taken in 2008, a few months after I actually bought my first DSLR. However, I never edited this image because I couldn’t come up with anything interesting. I tried some HDR and it didn’t turn out well either.

Technically, the foreground in the image was a little dark but luckily I had the clever idea to shoot it in RAW.

A few days ago, I was just curiously browsing some of my older folders and this particular shot caught my eye again.
A few minutes later, after some edits in Lightroom 5 and then using a few Nik Software Plugins, I managed to come up with this final image.

It’s not the most perfect shot but, I like it.

So don’t discard all your older photos and never look at them again. Go back, dig in and find some unpolished gems.

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Eileen @ Phoenix Helix

I would love to see the before & after.

Richard Chown

Wow! simply amazing, I loved your photography skills.