The Illuminated Olive Tree ~ Italy

The Olive Tree ~ Italy

Never have I jumped out of a van so fast, camera in hand, and ran through a muddy field to capture this beautiful old olive tree, as the last sun rays were bathing it in a warm golden light.

These trees, located near Brindisi in Italy, are about 500 years old. To put things into perspective, that means they were planted around the time when the Spaniards discovered Florida. Or about 20-ish years after Columbus spotted North America… Wow.

Olive trees can live up to many years and some trees in the Mediterranean area (Greece, Middle-East, Italy..) have been found to be more than 2000 years old. Comparatively, those trees here are just ending their teenage years.

Shot handheld, Canon 50D, f/4.5, ISO 320, Edited in LR5+Nik Software plugins.

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Danny Delnison

How long for it grows up like this? VERY BIG TREE! Thank you for amazing photo!