Plaza de Isabel la Católica ~ Granada

Plaza Isabel la Catolica ~ Granada


The Plaza de Isabel la Católica is a small square located at the intersection of the Calle Reyes Católicos and the Gran Via de Colón Avenue in the beautiful city of Granada, in Spain.

The square contains a monument built in 1892, and dedicated to Queen Isabel and Columbus, who are featured at the time of signing the Capitulation of Santa Fé. The monument is surrounded by a fountain that seems to suddenly start flowing when you are sitting too close to it.

The square is often a meeting point for people in the city, since it’s in a very central location. It’s also surrounded by some beautiful historical buildings, like the one in the background, and another one of the right side of the image (outside the frame) which is sadly covered by a huge ugly advertising banner. (Seriously folks, who had that clever idea?).

Sadly, this is the only angle to get a nice photo of the monument without it being ruined by ads or an enormous horrible rotting Soviet-style abandoned building that was once a bank (I suppose). In my opinion, that needs to be demolished pronto!

I took this during the Blue Hour, after the sun had already set. It’s a 1 second exposure, and edited in Lightroom4 + Nik Software plugins.

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