Photo Gallery: Exploring Brindisi ~ Italy

As some of you may know, a few weeks ago, I was invited to visit and explore the city of Brindisi, located in the region of Puglia (the heel of the boot), in Italy.

Brindisi, located off the coast of the Adriatic sea, is a city of roughly 90,000 people. Due to its location, it was a major port for trade with Greece and the Middle East.

It was my first time visiting Italy and I seriously had no idea what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised to discover an old city which conserved many of its historical heritage. You could stroll down the quiet old streets and find a castle built in the 15th century, not far from a cathedral from the 11th century, which is located next to Roman columns from around 300BC.

One of the most important cities during the Roman era, Brindisi suffered various invasions from different European empires. I gained back its popularity during the Middle-Ages when it became an important port for the Crusades.

Fun fact: Between September 1943 and February 1944, the city functioned as the temporary capital of Italy.

It was definitely a city that surprised me in a good way and I thank “Brindisi is my destination” for the great opportunity to visit this region (as well as a trip to Corfu in Greece).

I leave you with some of the shots I took during my visit. Enjoy.

Sailboats and the Sailor's Monument ~ Brindisi

The harbor was filled with sailboats waiting to participate in a race from Brindisi to Corfu. The monument in the background is the “Sailor’s Monument”. The above panorama was taken from up there.


The ‘Empire Fountain’, lying at the foot of piazza Santa Teresa and facing the harbor.

An Old Fort Tower ~ Brindisi

A part of an old fort in the heart of the city.

The Fisherman

A lone fisherman on its way to the harbor.

Vintage Car

An old vintage car in front of the Masseria Il Frantoio near Ostuni in the province of Brindisi. The car still functions and is used to give small tours in the area.

Il Frantoio Masseria's Fireplace

The cozy interior of the Masseria Il Frantoio. This old farm was transformed into a B&B by a very passionate couple. A great place to stay and unwind.

Masseria Products ~ Brindisi

A wide variety of organic products from olive oil to beauty products are sold at the Masseria. I loved the basement with its old tools and beautiful light ;)


The ‘Ecological Suitcase’: A beautiful hand-crafted wooden suitcase that contains trinkets used to tell the story of the “Torre Guaceto” natural reserve near Brindisi. It was one of the most interesting and creative storytelling experiences.

Golden Field ~ Italy

An old fort that is the only man-made structure standing at the natural reserve. The fort was used as a tower to watch for invaders arriving from the sea.


Olive trees are everywhere in the region and are an important part of the economy in Brindisi. These trees were more than 500 years old.

A shop in Ostuni

A small shop in Ostuni, also known as the “White City”, near Brindisi.


Food was of course an important part of our trip. I have not tasted such incredible fresh good food for a long time during my travels (and expat life). This above was a plate of Bruschetta.


A dish from the Masseria. Green beans fricassee with goat cheese served in a basket of sheep cheese. Incredibly delicious (and I’m not a huge fan of green beans).

Greek Islands

Our 1-week visit ended with a little trip to Corfu in Greece. Here are the mountains of Corfu appearing in the morning after a long ferry ride.

Sunset at the Port ~ Italy

Of course, I can’t avoid capturing sunsets. This was the best one I have seen so far since I’ve moved to Europe a couple of months ago. Captured from on board the ferry to Corfu, before we leave Brindisi.

Sunset on a ferry

And when you can’t capture the sunset, because the sun is setting right behind the boat? You wait a little longer and you capture the warm light against the dark blue waves.

Hope you enjoyed and I look forward to visiting the region again at my leisure.

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Lesley Peterson @culturetrippe
Lesley Peterson @culturetrippe

Gorgeous photos! Couldn’t resist pinning a few. This is definitely a part of Italy I must try to get to next time. Wonderful post!

Daniel Nahabedian

Thank you very much Lesley. Please feel free to share, no worries :)

Yes, it’s a beautiful region of Italy. I can’t compare it to other areas though since I’ haven’t been anywhere else yet.

Dean Wickham

I am yet to explore the southern part of Italy. It looks like such a beautiful area, and quite a lot different to the north. Great photos as always.

Daniel Nahabedian

Thank you Dean :)
I’d love to visit the North too, I’m a sucker for hills and mountains so I guess I’ll enjoy it!

NEC Terrain GPS

Italy is a gorgeous country with landscapes that have captivated the minds of tourists for many years.I definitely want to visit this place soon.

Marysia @ My Travel Affairs

Superb pictures! Really really like them all!

Daniel Nahabedian

Thank you very much Marysia :)

Your new fan
Hello! I just recently found your blog, and I can’t say anything else than that I am more than impressed by your talent of both writing and photographing. I love the concept that you have where you let the photos do the talking – a picture is worth more than a thousand words, right? It seems like you were born with the camera in your hands, because, as a young amateur photographer myself, I can tell you that you were born to do this! You also gave me a sudden lust to go to Italy really badly, because the northern… Read more »
Daniel Nahabedian

Thank you very much :)

I really appreciate the kind message and I’m glad my images inspired you to continue travelling and discover new places.


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Steph |
Steph |

Beautiful photos as always Daniel! Best of luck in the Hostelworld Travel Story of the Year Awards! :)

Daniel Nahabedian

Thank you very much Stephanie :)


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