A visit to Brindisi ~ Italy

Photo under Creative Commons by Nextors (Obviously not mine since I didn't go there yet).

Photo under Creative Commons by Nextors (Obviously not mine since I didn’t go there yet).

I’ve lived in Europe and visited some parts quite a lot, but I never managed to set foot in Italy during my travels. I’ve been to Spain (and live here now), lived in France, visited many northern countries like Germany, Denmark, Ireland and even Iceland, but never Italy.

Don’t ask why, I have no idea.

But now, thanks to the great folks behind Brindisi is My Destination, in just 3 days, I will be on my way to Brindisi in Puglia, which is situated on the heel of the boot for those who want to know. A nine-day schedule packed with food, wine, snorkeling, biking and even sailing to Corfu and chilling on the island for a few days.

Come to think of it, I’ve never been to Greece either, so that’s a 2-in-1 trip!

Needless to say, expect content from Italy in the next few days with as many photos as I can snap with both my phone and my DSLR. I’m also looking forward to meeting some other travelers I’ve been following for a while but never met IRL.

If you want to keep up with the trip and follow the journey, it’s best to follow me on either my Canvas of Light Facebook page, or my Instagram page.

I promise I’ll try not to post too many photos of food.

You can also head out and give the kind people behind the trip a like on their Facebook page: Brindisi is MY Destination.

Photo used with permission by Antonio Palma.

Photo used with permission by Antonio Palma.

Comments (13)

  1. Simon

    Super happy to finally meet you and share such a fab experience, Daniel. And no worries about the pictures. I can’t compete with your awesome shots so I’ll go for food and wine :-)

  2. Global Nomads

    Our path in Europe was quite the opposite. We were thinking about staying a while in Spain but got robbed, left and ended up living in France and Italy for more than two years. We are glad that nothing bad has happened to you in Spain. Happy travels!

  3. Larry Bosco

    Daniel, A travel photographer who travels…what a novel concept. Glad you are on the road. The images are lovely! See you soon. Larry