Granada, my new home ~ Spain

A stone bridge near Alhambra in Albayzin ~ Granada, Spain

If you’ve ever been wondering what happened in the past few weeks, here’s the answer:

My wife and I have finally moved and settled in our new city: Granada, Spain.

We left Chiang Mai after 3 years and spent a month in Abu Dhabi in the UAE to do our research and catch up with my family. On the 1st of May, we finally landed in Madrid and took a bus to Granada.

So far, everything has worked out nicely and easily for us. We booked a hostal room for a week but ended up finding an apartment on the 4th day through an online website. It’s a nice 2-bedroom in Realejo, the center of the city, in a quiet neighborhood.

Signing the contract was fairly easy too. We had to pay a few months in advance since we didn’t have a bank or even an ID in Spain and we had the keys by the afternoon.

Our next step was to open a bank account, which was done in 15 minutes, and finally install Internet in our new apartment, which was also surprisingly easy and fast. We signed our contract on Monday afternoon and we were connected on Tuesday at noon. The next few days were busy buying stuff for our empty home.

Albayzin Street ~ Granada, Spain
A small street in Albayzin. No, this is NOT our house.
My wife and I are now enjoying our cozy apartment in the center of the city, with our own connection, cooking our own food after 3 years (we didn’t have a kitchen in Thailand) and enjoying the peace and quiet after a couple of hectic months moving around.

We explored the area a little bit, but since we were busy settling in, I didn’t have the chance to take as many photos as I wanted.
I’m looking forward to taking my camera out and finding great spots to shoot as we get used to our new Spanish lifestyle.

I have to admit that one thing I’m happy about is that Granada is also famous for having beautiful sunsets. Here’s our modest view from our window, even though it doesn’t really compete with our balcony view from Chiang Mai.

A sunset from our window in Granada, Spain


If you ever come by or live in Granada, send a message and we’ll meet up for tapas. Hasta luego.

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Granada is simply gorgeous and so are the photos. I wonder if this post is still up to date as I am planning to fly back to Spain soon. I’d greatly appreciate it if you took a peak at my blog @


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