Interlude in Abu Dhabi ~ UAE

Lightr trails in Abu Dhabi, UAE

It’s been a while since I last posted here so I just wanted to update about my whereabouts and new adventures.

For those of you who don’t know yet, after living 3 years in Chiang Mai in Thailand, my wife and I have decided to move on and try a different place to settle. This doesn’t mean that we are fed up with Chiang Mai, which is our special place, but we wanted some change and “change is often good”.

After a few weeks of wrapping up projects and getting rid of stuff we accumulated in 3 years, we finally packed all of our life belongings in just a few bags, ready to jump in a plane and start over.

All my Life Belongings

Everything I own, fitting in 3 bags.

Our new destination is going to be the beautiful city of Granada in Spain. But before heading there, we are spending a month in Abu Dhabi in the UAE, catching up with family and friends and researching about our next city.

Since I’ve talked about missing the beautiful view from my balcony and the thunderstorms in Chiang Mai, I was surprised to be greeted with a thunderstorm in the usually dry and hot capital. Lightning wasn’t as impressive as in Thailand, but I was able to get just one shot before the storm moved on.

Thunderstorm and lightning in Abu Dhabi UAE

Next morning was another kind of storm, with a big sandstorm blanketing the city with dust and sand.

Sandstorm in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Unfortunately, the weather has now changed, and the temperatures are rising slowly but surely (currently up to 39C). This week’s probably the last week we’ll be able to enjoy the outdoors without sweating buckets.

We have two weeks left before heading to Spain, and we’re busy researching apartments, paperwork, and all the legalities of moving to a new country.

If anyone’s familiar with Granada or is around the area, don’t hesitate to leave a note and connect with me. We’d love to meet up and have some tapas!

  • Congrats on your upcoming move Daniel! As a current Spain “resident”, I was quite taken by Chiang Mai when my fiance and I visited in November, and pondered what life would be like long term there. But I completely understand how important it is to keep moving – change is good. I’m not so familiar with Granada – however it is a magical place 30 minutes to the mountains and an hour to the beach – but I think Molly ( would be a great contact. She’s been there for years and knows the ins and outs of expats arriving and settling.

  • Josie Leung

    wow. that’s a beautiful shot of the lightning!

  • Can’t wait to see your photos of one of my favorite Spanish cities–good choice! If you ever make it up to Basque Country (and you really should!) give me a shout!

    • Thank you very much Christine :) Looking forward to taking some good shots too :)
      I’ve been in the Basque country before, since the Camino de Santiago passes through (Navarra, Pamplona). Beautiful area!

  • your photos are amazing!

  • Let me know when you are in Granada, I am working and living there @ivanmarcos

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  • Awesome. Who would have thought those boring buildings could look so inspiring.

  • Jill at Road Warrior

    WOW! Your photography is amazing…I would love to learn how to effectively capture light like you have in your photographs. I am just so impressed! We just wrote a post about Bahrain, so pretty close in proximity to your post on the UAE. Brings back memories! Hope you visit us too! Happy Travels, Jill ;)

    • Thank you Jill :)
      I have a bunch of tutorials on the website. It might help if you want to go through it :)

      Yes, Bahrain is so close yet I’ve never been!

  • Corbett Reso

    Good one plan to get the trip advice and do some research work before shifting down to any new places. Great!!!

    • Corbett Reso

      Plan for your travel