Sunsets from a Chiang Mai balcony ~ Thailand

Fiery sunset over Doi Suthep in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Today is the 1st of March, which means that in 30 days, we’ll be jumping in a plane and leaving Chiang Mai, the place we’ve been calling home for the past 3 years in Thailand. It’s going to be a sad departure but we’re looking forward to moving to our new chosen city: Granada, Spain.

During the past three years, I’ve been fortunate enough to live in a residence that overlooks the city and has a balcony facing west. My wife must secretly think I’m crazy but I’ve never failed to capture the sunset almost every evening since living here. Well, apart from the horrible smoky season when the setting sun is hidden behind a thick layer of smoke.

I don’t know where we’re going to live in Granada, or if we’ll have a balcony facing west, but I’m sure that this view here is one of the things I’m going to miss the most. Having the leisure to wake up in the morning and observe the city, or get out on the balcony, while the temperature is cooling down in the evening and a warm light is flooding our room, to capture the amazing different sunsets… That’s just amazing.

So, I decided to compile some of the best shots I’ve captured in honor of the beautiful dramatic sunsets of Chiang Mai, to show how different they can be every evening, and to prove that you can also get great shots from the comfort of your home. It’s all about being patient and waiting for the best light.


Sunset in Chiang Mai, Thailand

A beautiful red sunset captured with a 300mm lens.

Cloud hiding the sunset in Chiang Mai, Thailand

I call this one: “The Mothership”.

Sun rays through the clouds in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Golden sun rays raining down on the city.

Sunset in Chiang Mai, Thailand

I often enjoyed the warm and cool colors during sunsets. But I’ve always hated that ugly building.

Sun rays from behind Doi Suthep mountain in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Sun rays peeking from behind Doi Suthep mountain during the dry season.

Cloud looking like a dragon in Chiang Mai, Thailand

The flight of the Asian Dragon. Do you see it?

Explosive sunset in Chiang Mai, Thailand

An explosive sunset during Rainy Season. One of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen.

Cloud formation during sunset in Chiang Mai, Thailand

A chaotic sky during sunset, as a thunderstorm approaches during rainy season.

Beautiful cloud formations during sunset in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Beautiful cloud formations during sunset.

fire-like clouds during sunset in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Flame-like clouds in the sky as the sun sets behind the mountain.

Sunset in Chiang Mai, Thailand

A criss-crossed sky during sunset.

Sunset in chiang mai, Thailand

Finally, a beautiful layered and simple sunset behind Doi Suthep mountain.

Hope you’ve enjoyed these few shots. Since it’s the smokey season now, I might not have the opportunity to get wonderful sunset shots again before I leave. I’m grateful for all these beautiful skyscapes I’ve seen and look forward to seeing more in the South of Spain.

Thanks and feel free to pin and share if you like!

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Chais Meyer

Love this Daniel, great work!

Ross Bartholomew

Great photos. Hope your new home had a nice view too.

Daniel Nahabedian

Thanks a lot Ross :) I hope so too.

Andi Perullo de Ledesma

These are all so beautiful, I can’t choose a favorite!

Daniel Nahabedian

Thank you Andi! I have a hard time choosing a favorite too.


I keep coming back to this post. :)

Daniel Nahabedian

Thanks honey :)

Janet Bailey

Beautiful sunsets! No need to worry about the sunsets in Granada. You’ll have lots to shoot. I love your blog & look forward to posts from Spain!

Greg Goodman

What a spectacular collection of sunsets!!! I miss Chiang Mai, and I’ve only been gone for a month. Thanks so much for sharing and have a blast in Spain.

Daniel Nahabedian

Thank you very much Greg! I’m going to miss this city for sure!


Wow these are all so stunning! I’ve been doing the same thing, taking a photo every morning of the sunrise over the ocean in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico. I’ll post them on my blog soon. You’re an amazing photographer!

Daniel Nahabedian

Thank you very much! Looking forward to seeing your sunrise shots :)


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these are crazy gorgeous!


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Jacob Marlfoyle

Oh yea, that’s a magical way to end a day. We have more of those and really good company too! You are indeed a good with your camera, lovely pictures.

James P.

The “mothership” wins the stunning photo contest hands down.


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