The Colors of Fall ~ USA

Fall color reflections on Rough River lake in Kentucky, USA

Fall (or Autumn if you prefer) is a season I have very rarely experienced in my entire life. I grew up in the desert (UAE), then the years I’ve spent in France, I lived in Toulouse, away from woods and forests. And now I live in Thailand, with its tropical climate and 3 seasons (Hot, Rain and Smoke)

So when I went on a holiday last month (October) to the US, it was really my first time experiencing the changing leaves and the beautiful colors during what now became my favorite season.

I was lucky I arrived at the best time, when the leaves were slowly starting to change. A few days later after we’ve left, most trees were already naked. I also am happy I got to wear extra layers of cloth with gloves and scarfs instead of just t-shirts and flip-flops like I do in Thailand.

I leave you with a few extra photos from this beautiful season. Don’t hesitate to share them or Pin them if you like!

A house in Kentucky decorated with pumpkins during Fall.


As often, Fall is associated with Halloween and Thanksgiving so there are often decorations in front of houses with pumpkins and ghosts.

A maple leaf on the frosty grass during Fall in Kentucky, USA.


The first few days we arrived in Kentucky, the weather was really cold (about 2C/35F) with frost in the mornings. It was a nice “break” from Thailand’s hot weather.

An abandoned canoe near Rough River Lake in Kentucky, USA.


An abandoned canoe near Rough River lake in the state of Kentucky. A lovely place to relax and enjoy the changing leaves.

Pumpkins and a watercan during Fall in Kentucky, USA


Some more pumpkins and an old watercan in front of a cabin. Loving the old gritty texture!

A beautiful morning light during fall on Rough River lake in Kentucky, USA


There’s something really amazing about the morning light (The Golden Hour). It’s even more accentuated during fall when all the leaves are already in different shades of warm colors.

Tobacco Barn in Kentucky, USA


Tobacco leaves hanging in an old barn waiting to be fire-cured. Natural tobacco contains lethal amounts of nicotine and need to be cured before consumption. In Kentucky, farmers hang the tobacco leaves and set fires of hardwood inside the barn during a few weeks depending on the process and tobacco.

Beautiful reflections on Rough River lake during Fall in Kentucky, USA


Beautiful reflections of fall colors on the Rough River lake in Kentucky.

A beautiful scenic road during Fall in Kentucky, USA


A beautiful scenic road with amazing colors in Kentucky. I don’t like being in cars for too long but it was a pleasure admiring the view during this time of year.

Fishermen on the Rough River lake at dawn in Kentucky, USA.


Early risers fishing on the lake while the beautiful golden light covers the whole area.

Golden light at dawn in Kentucky, USA.


Even a boring empty field can become a beautiful subject if you look for different angles and the best light. This is one of my favorite shots of this trip. It was taken early morning, while I was crouching in a field covered with frost, waiting for the rising sun to get this beautiful golden light.

What’s YOUR favorite season? Do you have any fall shots you’d like to share? Don’t hesitate to post in the comments section below!

Thanks for sharing!

  • Gorgeous photos! I adore fall in the States,

  • David M

    Nice shots Daniel. Gotta love the colours of Autumn!

  • Love all the colors! You got some beautiful shots at a great time of year for color :)

  • I’ve always loved fall but guess I didn’t realize how special it was until traveling more and living in SE Asia!

    • Thank you very much Alana :) Yes, living in a tropical country for so long does make you miss real seasons.

    • griffin631

      I agree as a British Expat in Finland.The UK has wonderful autumns,rich in strong colors and smells. I don`t see it so much in Finland

  • Beautiful photos. I don’t get as many hints of autumn where I live, so I appreciate you sharing your photography.

  • jmco

    Kentucky? You need to come back and spend early October in mid to upper Vermont! That’s Fall color. Especially if it is a good year. You will see entire valleys in red or yellow.

    • Heh, I might some day. Travelling around the US is too expensive! (especially coming from outside).

      • jmco

        For Vermont, fly into NY or Boston. Rent cheap car to drive up to a cheap motel and/or small B&B. Vermont is a small state and you could do it in sections. North to South over a week. Then spend a day to two in NYC (THAT’S expensive but worth it! or Boston (Colonial American history). Good luck!

  • Ahh yes, you have captured many days of my youth atop an old barn standing on teer poles hanging Dark Fire tobacco . I can still taste the dust just by this well defined photo . Love your photos !

    • Thank you Mark :) I’m glad the photos evoked some pleasant memories. Cheers!

  • Such a beautiful time of year! I really like the shot of the barn with the tobacco hanging inside.

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  • vijay

    i like the photograph of pumpkin.