Portraits of Earth – An Introduction to Landscape Photography (Ebook Review)

Portraits of Earth by David Duchemin ebook review

David DuChemin, renowned Travel and Humanitarian photographer, describes landscape photographers quite accurately:

Anyone who gets up that early, or stays out that late, to make photographs, or hauls a heavy tripod up a hill to do so, can’t possibly have all their marbles”.

Landscape photography might seem like an easy field. You just point your camera towards a landscape and click. But that’s a big misconception. There are many factors that come into play to create a great landscape photo, that not only looks beautiful, but also creates a certain emotion.

Landscape photography requires patience, understanding of light, equipment, strength (to carry all these heavy bags) and passion. And David DuChemin does a great job guiding amateurs into crafting exceptional landscape shots in this beautiful ebook, for a ridiculously low price.


Portraits of Earth by David Duchemin

The book is broken into different sections covering different elements of Landscape Photography. David starts by talking about his experience as a humanitarian photographer, trying to understand landscape photography, and ends up comparing it to taking portraits of the Earth. Just like portraits of people, you need to understand your subject and get closer, more intimate to be able to produce better photos.

The first part focuses on Gear. Of course, great gear doesn’t make a great shot, but taking advantage of different lenses, filters and a good strong tripod can help you achieve better results.

You don’t specifically need high-end ultra-expensive gear anyway, but good understanding of filters can make a difference.

Next, David goes on talking about the importance of Light, which is the reason why photographers wake up early and go to bed late. The quality of light is going to play a major role in the way your photos are going to look. The following chapter covers composition and how to compose your photos to have the best impact.


Portraits of Earth ebook by David DuChemin

The whole book has a light tone, without being too technical for beginners or amateurs. David is not known for his love of “rules” and obsession of equipment, so he keeps it simple, with tips and tricks on how to achieve interesting images using different techniques like light-painting. A minimum of knowledge in post-processing software is also required to take advantage of some tricks like exposure-blending or Black and White processing.

Not only the ebook is filled with valuable information, but you’ll end up coming back to it over and over just to get some inspiration from the high-quality inspiring photos contained within. Almost every page has gorgeous images illustrating his words, including valuable EXIF information in case you’d like to understand and emulate the shots.


Portraits of Earth ebook by David DuChemin

The eBook contains a collection of lessons learned throughout David’s journey that will be of benefit to all. I strongly recommend to grab a copy since they cost probably as much as a latte at Starbucks anyway.

As he claims in the introduction:  “It was learning to photograph landscapes where I found that a broader understanding of photography”.


So go ahead, make yourself a service and spend those $5 on Portraits of the Earth by David DuChemin. Click here to view more details.

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Daniel, it does not look as great as his first book, the classic “Within a frame” but maybe its good for a landscape newbie!!!

Daniel Nahabedian

I agree, his first book was great but this one’s also very helpful for beginners and amateurs too.

Nico (A Travellers Journey)
Nico (A Travellers Journey)

I have to agree with you to. His first book was really great.

Colin@Sydney tours

This is an awesome website, Are your discussions books and travel related?

thinkCHUA @ LivingIF

Thanks for sharing this book with us. For those of us aspiring to take photos like you it’s great to have starting points such as this. Keep passing on anything else that you think could help us mortals improve our photos!