Sun Rays, Clouds and Time Lapse in Chiang Mai ~ Thailand

Sun Rays in Chiang Mai, Thailand

It’s been a while since we had beautiful sunsets in Chiang Mai, since the beginning of the rainy season this year.

I was lucky I grabbed this one just in time while I was shooting something else. The way the sun rays beam up the sky while the sun is setting behind the distant mountains is fantastic.

My balcony faces West (obviously) so I get to capture the same angle very often, with the sun behind Doi Suthep mountain overlooking the city. But sometimes, storms creep up from the South, from behind our building. I often miss the scene since I’m too busy shooting what’s in front of me and I have to lean over the edge to see what’s coming. I did manage to capture this beautiful cloud formation looming over the city.

Looming storm clouds over Chiang Mai, Thailand.


In other news, I’ve also been trying some new projects. One of them is shooting Time Lapse videos of the sky. Since I’ve never done it before, I’m still in testing mode, trying to nail down the exposure, fluidity and colors. Once I’m happy with the results, I’ll work on creating a time lapse of Chiang Mai; a project that would take me a few months to complete.

In the meantime, here’s a short 19sec video I shot of the sky from the same point of view. Let me know what you think.



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Comments (17)

  1. Bessie Crum

    That time lapse is really mesmerizing to watch – the idea of you making a time lapse of Chiang Mai is super exciting! I’d definitely watch it!!

  2. natalie

    Its an amazing kind of photograph…I love it…Thanks a lot for sharing your inspiring idea..

  3. HotelZvonimir

    What a beautiful photographs… You really captured the beauty of nature here. I wish I will get t the chance of seeing the chance to this picturesque view in real life… I have seen so many beautiful sunsets along the sea, but from the roof and capturing the rays, I have not experienced this yet. Love, love, love…