La Seine ~ Paris

La Seine river in Paris, France.

Paname, Paname..

Paris is a city I love. I usually can’t stand huge cities, with all their chaotic traffic, fast-paced life and lack of human warmth. I prefer smaller towns, where people actually smile at each other and where faces become familiar after a while. I prefer to walk everywhere than to jump in a car and get stuck in traffic.

Paris however manages to fit in the middle.

Yes, Parisian people aren’t know to be the friendliest people around. No one would smile at you in the Métro, that’s for sure. But it’s a city with so much history and character and charm that it just draws you in, flirts with you and leaves you confused.

This photo here is taken along the Seine river, not far from the Notre-Dame cathedral that you can see in the background. This 776km long (482 miles) river is the most important commercial waterway North of France.

Although it was called an “open sewer” by historians, the water quality of the Seine is gradually improving. Many species of fish returned to this once heavily polluted river.

In Paris alone, there are 37 bridges connecting the Rive Gauche and the Rive Droite over the Seine. The oldest bridge has been built in 1607 (Pont-Neuf).

Every summer, tons of beach sand are poured over the paved banks of the river with facilities for sunbathing and entertainment. Paris isn’t exactly close to the Ocean so this is as close as you can get.


I leave you with a little song with Vanessa Paradis and -M- about this river. Now get a baguette with some fromage and wine, listen to the music and dream your way to France.

  • FrogPrincess

    Loved the song – thanks for sharing!

  • I’d love to go back to France one day and see other places, I’ve only been to Nice.

    • I’ve never been to Nice. I think I prefer the charm of Paris though. I’ve been along costs for too long :)

  • Tempo Holidays

    So stunning. Definitely going to add this to my list of things we want to do with the family in the next few years. So glad you are reminding my memories of Abu Dhabi tourwhich I had visited with my friends in last year..thanks!

  • Natalie

    I am so excited to visit this place…Because I heard this to my friend that Paris is one of the beautiful place..

  • vijay

    i love to go france and see all these heaven like places