Promenade along the Isle river ~ France

The Isle river in Perigueux, France.

Today is the Summer Solstice. The longest day in the Northern Hemisphere.

And because it’s much more fun to do things differently, I decided to share some of my winter shots from France. Why not?

Although it looks like fall (or Autumn), these photos were actually taken on the first of January, right during winter. The day before I was in the Pyrenees skying, and the next day I was sauntering with my brother along the Isle river in Perigueux.

Perigueux is a town in the Dordogne department in Aquitaine, South-West of France.  It’s a quiet little town, with not much happening at this time of year. A nice escape from the crazy celebrations.


An old farm with a graffiti in Perigueux, France.



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Tracy Zhang

haha, yes you would share photos from winter on the most celebrated day of the summer. Neat opening shot though!

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Very nice pictures posted. This place is really beautiful one. Thanks for providing this information here.