Sail away on the Mediterranean sea ~ Spain

A sailboat on the horizon in Barcelona, Spain.

Not much to add here.

Just a beautiful seascape I took while visiting Barcelona in Spain back in 2009 after walking the Camino de Santiago for the second time.

It was a lovely warm day and a friend took me for a walk in the city, visiting the Sagrada Familia, Park Güell, the Palau de Música (highly recommended), and the Hospital de San Pau. We ended up on the Barceloneta beach later in the day. It was nice and empty and we had the occasion to just chill and snack on tapas and white wine.

I’m not a very “sea person” but I would really like to spend some time on sail boat, island hopping on the Mediterranean sea.

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Andi Perullo

My god this is so gorgeous!


Grew up racing sailboats with my dad. They are so much fun and relaxing, I highly recommend it :)

Chris Pearrow

Would it be possible to use the expression ¨eternal¨ to describe a photo? Great work!

Daniel Nahabedian

Thank you very much Chris :)