Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Monochrome ~ UAE

The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Monochrome - UAE

Photography is an endless learning process. A different processing technique, different light settings, different composition, I just seem to learn something new every week. Sometimes it’s not something new but a different inspiration, a different vision.

This is why, I very often go back through my archives, browse through my Lightroom catalog and rework on older photos with a different perspective.

I decided to check out some of the photos of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque I took in Abu Dhabi, UAE a year ago. Since it was shot in midday and most dominant colors were the white of the marble and the deep blue of the sky, I decided to try a black and white conversion, bringing up details and enhancing the contrast between light and shadow.

After a few hours of work, I was very pleased with the results, my favorite being the one featured above. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did working on them (click on the photos for a larger preview).

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Monochrome - UAE

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Monochrome - UAE

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Monochrome - UAE

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Monochrome - UAE

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Monochrome - UAE

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Monochrome - UAE

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Monochrome - UAE


So which one is your favorite? Do you prefer the B&W version or the full colored Photo Essay I posted earlier? Share in the comments section!

  • These are some of the most stunning and elegant photos I’ve seen. The black and white really does something to portray the beauty of this architecture even more beautifully. Amazing!

    • Thank you Katrina! I do have a little preference to the B&W version now. I enjoyed working on them :)

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  • Karim Helal

    Hey D, 100,000% the black and white. They’re so mind blastingly good, i just want to take them and go…. take them and go.

  • I thought for sure I was going to pick the black and white until I saw the color photos. Now I can’t decide. I love them both for different reasons. The black and white feel other-wordly. The color show opulence. Both are completely amazing.

    • Hehe, tough choice I know. I think I prefer the B&W version a little more, since it’s really about shapes, shadows and light. Glad you like both!

  • Gev

    I can’t believe these wonderful pictures, they are so dramatic, I think it may be the B&W effect. I struggle to know what black and white is best for as I also love colour, but I really love this.

    • Thank you very much Gev!
      An easy answer for your dilemma is: B&W works well in shots with a lot of contrast (like taken in midday sun with harsh shadows), or shots with a lot of textures. It also works well when you want to help the viewer focus on the story/mood by stripping away any distraction, especially colors.

  • I love both sets, but the drama and elegance of the black and white put these ahead. The b and w help to bring out the shapes and textures of the architecture.

  • so style

  • What a wonderful selection of images. Absolutely stunning.

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  • My

    Excellent. Really beautiful photos !

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