Rabari – Encounters with the Nomadic Tribe by Mitchell Kanashkevich (Ebook Review)

Have you ever wondered how travel photographers create stunning images that tell stories about people’s lives? What goes on through their minds and how they end up choosing a few photos out of thousands?

If yes, then you should check out this new documentary and travel photography Ebook from Light Stalking. Rabari – Encounters with the nomadic tribe is written by Australian travel photographer Mitchell Kanashkevich who delivers us this 59-page Ebook packed with information about the Rabari, an Indian nomadic tribe of cattle herders.

Featuring 10 exceptional portraits, Rabari is not just about the photographic project focusing on people with a quickly changing culture, but also the ‘what‘, ‘how‘ and ‘why‘ of Mitchell’s decisions regarding the photos he took. The ebook contains background information, thoughts about the goals, subject, composition and Mitchell’s incredible use of lighting and post-processing. In a way, it’s a back story of the 10 images he chose to illustrate the culture, out of probably thousands of captured shots.

The book is organized in a very clean and logical way. Many photos illustrate his thinking process and the shots are followed by technical information, including diagrams of his lighting, position and camera settings.

Mitchell also talks about why he chose different poses to capture the mood, offering examples of different frames and ends up with presenting the his decisions concerning the post-processing in Lightroom and Photoshop.

Priced at $24.95, this is an ebook that has incredible value and offers tons of “a-ha!” moments to those starting in the field of documentary and travel photography. It takes you deep into a photographer’s mind to show you how to take engaging environmental portraits.

It’s just not enough to get thousands of shots during a trip, but it’s also important to know why and how to choose each shot to perfectly illustrate a story and how to improve them later during post-processing.  I definitely recommend it!

Click here and get it now!

Also, if you’ve never checked Mitchell Kanashkevich’s work, head out to his website and check out his amazing work, or have a look at one of his other books like “Journey through Java” at Craft & Vision ($5).

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