Missing beautiful sunsets in Chiang Mai ~ Thailand

A beautiful sunset behind a cloud in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

I’ve been missing the beautiful sunsets in Chiang Mai lately.. Not because I’m too busy to look outside my window, but because of the crazy smokey weather that’s been around for the past month.

Every year, after the rainy season is over, farmers around Chiang Mai and neighboring countries (Burma, Laos and Cambodia) start burning fields to clear rice stubble and make room for new crops. There’s absolutely no control from any Government over this practice and sadly, the whole Northern area has to suffer from what is now called the “Smoke season” for a couple of months.

So instead of having beautiful skies like during this fiery sunset, or this chaotic stormy sky.. We have this:

Smokey weather over the city of Chiang Mai, in Thailand.


Bring me back my beautiful skies please.