The Great Blasket Island ~ Ireland

The Great Blasket Island seen from the Ting of Dingle in Ireland.

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The Great Blasket Island is the main and biggest Island of the Blasket Isles facing the Kerry County in the South-West of Ireland.

The island was inhabited in the past with about 150 people living in 30 basic cottages but has been abandoned since 1953 when the last residents left and never returned back due to safety reasons during harsh weather. It took a 5km (3miles) crossing to the mainland, followed by a 19km (12miles) walk to the nearest doctor. You can see on the photo the abandoned village in the horizon.

The island life was a constant hardship and struggle. The Islanders, who formed the most westerly settlement in Ireland, survived mainly on fishing, a few ridges of potatoes, and a patch of oats, cows and sheep on a very poor and sandy land.

I took this shot from the shore while trekking around the Ring of Dingle. The weather was particularly clear as it’s very common that the island cannot be seen due to fog.

The island is now being turned into a National Park and there’s a daily ferry from Dingle and Dunquin. I feel it also stands as a proof of Men’s failure to tame any land they want.