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Notre-Dame Cathedral ~ France

The facade of the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, France.

Even though in our time we build tall skyscrapers, trying to compensate our lack of creativity with phallic towers, I feel much more amazed by the amount of work and detail put into the Middle-Age’s Gothic architecture.¬†How can you not feel dwarfed in front of the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris,¬†still standing strong since 1345, whereas our towers barely can make it a century without rusting and crumbling?

A few facts about the Notre Dame:

  • It took a 182 years to complete the construction of the cathedral, which was then badly damaged during the French Revolution.
  • The towers are 69 meters tall (226ft).
  • The rosace (circular window on the photo) has a diameter of 13 meters (42.6ft)
  • Above the portal is the Gallery of Kings with 28 statues of Judean Kings.
  • The cathedral is home of an important relic: the Crown of Thorns, which is presented to the public every first Friday of the month.


Have you ever been to the Notre-Dame de Paris in France?