A Car in the Moat ~ Thailand

Car accident in the Moat in Chiang Mai, Thailand

I don’t drive. I walk, even very long distances.

And sometimes I wonder how it can be possible to put yourself in such situations where your car, in the middle of Chiang Mai (which means you can’t drive too fast), hits a curb that’s fairly high and ends up in the middle of the moat surrounding the Old City.

I didn’t really witness the accident but I photographed the whole process  of dragging the car to the edge and lifting it out of the moat with a pickup-crane. The whole scene, of course, attracted hundreds of tourists and locals quietly watching the three men working in the water. I was also quite surprised to notice that no policemen even tried to keep the crowd outside a security perimeter around the accident. I was actually standing right under the crane, next to the operator.

As far as I heard, the woman driving the car is fine (but terribly embarrassed).

Here are a few more shots of the scene.

Car in the moat in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

A Car accident in the moat in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

A teddy bear floating in the moat after a car accident in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

A Car in the Moat in Chiang Mai, Thailand.


Drive safe everyone!

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That certainly attracted a huge crowd of onlookers, must have been quite the spectacle! That could have ended very badly, glad to hear the driver was unharmed. Which side of the moat did this happen? I


Great photos. I watched this and searched around the area for skid marks, broken branches, some sign of how it could have ended up in there. I didn’t find anything that could explain it.


oh dear that looks like a freak accident. Great capture though!


That is one scary accident, but your shots are great especially that one with the floating teddy bear. Made me feel sad :|