The charming Balad Seet village ~ Oman

The charming and quaint village of Balad Seet in Al Rustaq, Oman.

Hidden deep inside the Jabal Shams mountains, surrounded by rocks and barely accessible by a winding dirt road, lies the tiny village of Balad Seet in the Sultanate of Oman.

A popular destination for adventure seekers, Balad Seet reveals to the visitor the secret of the Omani people’s hard working nature, culture, tradition since many centuries and their way of harnessing the local environment for their well-being.

The first car to have reached here was in 1978, when 40 residents took up the challenge to build a dirt road down to their village. Nowadays, this road is often damaged from continuous rain and water from the wadis and needs constant attention each year.

The interesting part is that this village is completely self reliant. Water is provided by the wadis that farmers channel to grow palm trees and crops like wheat, barley and even lemons, mangoes and onions.

The village by itself has a charming traditional feel, with people going about their own business. There’s only one tiny little street that leads to a dead end. Be careful not to get in with your car: it’s tricky to turn back around!

This is definitely a place I’d recommend to visit if you’re in the area. Oman might not be on the tourist trail but it’s a fantastic destination for adventure seekers, running away from the glitz and glamour of the surrounding rich Gulf countries.

  • Chris Pearrow

    This looks amazing. How´d you find out about it/get there? You mentioned the road wasn´t the most reliable. How long did you stay? What was it like?

    • I used to live in the UAE,m the neighboring country and we’d go to Oman quite often, so I knew about the place while researching :)
      We didn’t stay in the village, just passed trough.