7 Super Shots Photo Game

In the past year, I have been tagged many times to participate in blogging games, listing most popular posts, with specific categories (most popular post, most controversial post etc…). But truth is, I’ve never participated, simply because I don’t have a travel blog. I have a photography website and the categories didn’t really fit.

At the end of the year, HostelBookers came up with the idea of creating another game, but this time involving photos.

The guideline is to choose 7 of your own photos that would fit in 7 categories, with a little description and sharing it with the Interwebsters. HostelBookers started it with 7 different photographers (included yours truly) and put up a post describing the rules and guidelines.

Of course I’ll have to tag 5 other photographers. Wouldn’t be fun without bothering other people, wouldn’t it? So I tag Skinny Backpacker, Runaway Juno, FlashpackerHQ, Brendan Van Son, Drifting Focus.

If you wish to follow the game on twitter, check out the hashtag #7supershots.

So here goes.


1. A Photo that takes my breath away

Yii Peng / Loy Krathong Lantern Release in Mae Jo, near Chiang Mai, Thailand.


This photo was taken in Mae Jo, near Chiang Mai during the Yii Peng / Loy Krathong festival in 2011. It is a festival I can’t recommend enough. You have to be there to experience it and even shed a tear or two.

The moment when all the lanterns (hundreds) are released simultaneously is overwhelming. Add in some huge fireworks and you’ll be promising you’ll attend the festival again the coming year.

This photo has also been selected as a “Daily Dozen shots” by National Geographic.

2. A Photo that makes me laugh/smile

Free Hugs at the Saturday Market in Chiang Mai, Thailand.


When I was in Copenhagen in December 2009, attending the massive COP15 climate conference demonstration, I ended up bored in the evening and decided to walk around the streets with a “Free Hugs” sign. I loved the reactions of the people and I even got hugged by a gorilla-sized anti-demonstration policeman.

I got this shot in Chiang Mai, during the Saturday Night Market.  It was something I wasn’t expecting to see in Thailand. And yes, I gave him a hug.

3. A Photo that makes me dream

Fisterra, the end of the world.


Finisterra is simply the End of the World. Located in Galicia, it’s the westernmost tip of Spain before jumping in the Atlantic ocean. It is also where the Camino Pagano, a continuation of the Camino de Santiago, ends.

Near this spot is an altar where you can burn your clothes/shoes as a symbol of cleanse and release after walking a 900km pilgrimage from France. This is where I burned my shoes that I’ve walked with for 2000km.

Looking at the sunset in the horizon, it was the start of my journey as a travel photographer who quit his job to travel the world. This was my inspiration and my rebirth.

4. A Photo that makes me think

Dumbo the Elephant in Chiang Mai, Thailand


Every year in Thailand, many elephants end up injured or dead due to poor conditions to entertain the tourists.

This shot was taken at one of the Elephant Camps I’ve been invited to, in order to take photos and help raise money to build an elephant hospital.  This poor little baby elephant was following its mother during a show while dozens of tourists were hypnotized by an elephant painting on canvas.

It was a sad scene.

5. A Photo that makes my mouth water

Shaan Burmese Dish - Thailand


In all honesty, I have no idea what this dish is called. All I know is that it’s a Shaan dish from Burma.

South-East Asian is probably one of my favorite places to find delicious new food. I love the mixture of spices creating an explosion of taste in your mouth while you’re wiping off the sweat beads on your forehead.

6. A Photo that tells a story

Songkran Kid in Chiang Mai, Thailand


Songkran is the Thai New Year, celebrated usually mid-April. It’s also known as a massive 4-day long waterfight across the country.

One of the most popular destinations to celebrate Songkran is Chiang Mai, probably thanks to the moat surrounding the old city, providing endless source of water.

This little kid was playing with its gun, splashing the few people that went by. The little sad/disappointed look on his face is due to the fact that he’s on the wrong side of the moat and missing all the party.

7. A Photo that I’m most proud of (aka my NatGeo shot)

Dusky Leaf Monkeys in the South of Thailand


This is probably the shot I’m most proud of in 2011. I found this little curious Dusky Leaf monkey in the South of Thailand, in the Sam Roy Yot National Park, while on a bike tour from Bangkok to Koh Samui. The baby was particularly interested in my camera.

This shot was also used by National Geographic on their front page to promote a photography contest. So yes, that’s my “NatGeo shot”.


Hope you liked the selection. Feel free to join in and share your photos!

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Great photos Dan! I love the first one ;-)


Aww! The elephant was so adorable!

Nomadic Samuel

Great collection of shots Daniel! A few I haven’t seen before.

Christy @ Technosyncratic

I like the elephant one, too. And that poor kid at Songkran… did he ever make it across the moat?

Christine Noble

These are all amazing Dan. I am so glad I found you on the ballot for this years bloggies (or else I may not have heard of you.) I have to second (third/fourth/fifth?) the notion that the first photo is simply out of this world. The “photo that makes my mouth water” is a bit cruel to folks on a diet however. ;)


Great game. I too found you on through the bloggies. As soon as I saw your NatGeo photo I knew I would be coming back to Canvas of Light. Thanks for the tutorials too.

Austin-Lehman Adventures

Stunning photos. It’s great how the curiosity of a monkey shows so clearly through the lens. Your paper lantern photo is also breathtaking. I was at a wedding where we released 100 into the sky and to get the timing right and get them all to float up serenely like that is almost impossible. To get a great shot of it…even better. Great photos, thanks for sharing.


Your photography is out of this world. I enjoy it all, post more soon!

Daniel Nahabedian

Thank you very much Kayla!

Sarah belle

I must say i just saw the genuine art here :)