Playing with Angles: A Photo Tip

Alternate Reality: Playing with Angles and shooting with a different perspective.

In my opinion, a successful photo is one that would stop you in your tracks, make you look again and evoke an emotion or a feeling, whether it’s anger, peace, sadness, happiness, an escape to foreign lands or just a simple “what the hell?” moment.

A lot of people complain that their photos are boring. But what makes a photo boring?

It’s because too many snapshots are taken from the same viewpoint. We’ve seen photos of monuments, landscapes, or people thousands of times from the same viewpoint. Some spots even point out a specific spot for you to take the shot (that would look like a postcard).

No wonder photos end up boring.

A very simple trick to make your photos stand out is to just play around with angles, and try a different perspective.
Get down low, climb a rock, try from the left, from above.. Move around and find a different point of view.

Don’t be afraid to try new techniques, or manipulate your photos later during post-processing. Surprise the viewer, make him think, make him see differently. Grab his attention and direct his eyes using diagonals, angles, colors to wherever you want him to look.

Here’s a photo in black and white that I took 3 years ago. What is your first impression? What do you see? What do you understand?

Did you find out what I did with the shot? It’s nothing much really, I just played around with it for 5min and managed to create something different and unique.

If you didn’t figure out, it’s just a shot of a puddle with the reflection of a couple walking by. Why does it look different? Because I just flipped the photo upside down. Easy.

It’s not too late to purchase gifts for your loved ones. If you need inspiration, why not offer them a Thailand themed calendar for Christmas? I’ve created a new one with some of my best shots from this year. Click below if you’re interested!

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I stared at this photo forever and couldn’t figure out what was going on – I kept thinking that top section was a piece of wall or gate overhead! Clearly my powers of deduction need some refining. =P

Nomadic Samuel

Oh man, I couldn’t agree more with what you’re saying here. I actually wrote an article entirely on the subject of changing your vantage point. I always suggest those looking to advance their photography to wear their worst clothes to get down and dirty :P


Great article! I am always trying to encourage people to avoid shooting at eye-level and try different perspectives. Some of my best photos have been taken laying on the ground. Loving the black and white abstract shot.


Intriguing and cryptic at the same time…it took me a while to read the image…nice shot…


Great post. We are creative beings that have the power to tell stories through photos. Changing one’s viewpoint helps the viewer understand how we see things. Thank you for sharing.